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A Birthday Wishlist

Mama & Papa always boast about how I am the best daughter ever because true to eldest child form, I don’t ask for anything at all. In my brother’s words, “The Jillian creature is a proud creature.” And I admit I am. If I can provide for myself & for them, I will. And even if they shove stuff up my face, it’s always a resounding “Why did you have to spend on me?”

I find that people spending on me makes me feel guilty. But sometimes I feel like making a wishlist as a motivator to work harder to get me the things I want. And because my birthday is coming this weekend. Yet another reminder that I’m older than my boyfriend. God.


  • Lip Products – Currently wanting to add to my lip products. I wish not only for one, but three. First, Happy Skin‘s limited edition Shut Up & Kiss Me shade in The Morning After whose formulation is as smooth as butter. Plus, the colour is a lovely soft mauve shade. Second, lip tints are my favourite for a natural finish on the lip just so I don’t look pale. Been eyeing the Faceshop Lovely Me:ex Aqua Proof Marker. Either the Cherry or Pink one would make me happy Korean make up fan. Lastly, I have been dyyying to try a bold, plum lip & Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creme in Transylvania or Copenhagen would be a nice addition to my collection.

Happy Skin Summer Collection 20141

aqua proof marker tint6


  • Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray – It’s quite sad (and disgusting) that I don’t have my own yoga/pilates mat because I am broke like that, so I deal with sweat-stained mats when I borrow the ones from the gym. I’m up for any brand, but I remembered nice, fresh scents from De Boer Organiques when we visited their booth at the Legazpi Market in Makati. Doesn’t hurt that they’re organic too!



  • Succulent Plant – They look like cabbages but they’re actually cute little plants! I especially adore the miniature bulb ones. A potted one would be a nice touch to the condo so my brother’s cactus doesn’t get lonely. I have such Martha Stewart likes but I ain’t ashamed!


  • BIC Metallic Pens – I’m all for pretty witi-witi & what says that better than BIC pens in rose gold, platinum gold & dusky gold? Metallic. Pens. Look at how pretty they are!


  • Cards Against Humanity Game Set – This game is my kind of card game! No logic, just pure, offensive fun! I can already picture my friends and I dying of laughter. Asked game shops around Manila & they’re not available anywhere. Frustrating, really.


  • Personalized Necklace – I don’t know. I always wanted one. Either the dainty engraved bar or name in gold or silver are lovely touches to an outfit.



If I wasn’t so freaking broke, I’d buy these for myself. Guess I have to spend double time selling sunglasses.

Photos stolen from the internet.


One comment on “A Birthday Wishlist

  1. Ledz
    September 17, 2014

    Hi! Stumbled on your blog as I was looking for Cards Against Humanity enthusiasts in Manila… and if you’re still looking for a set, email me and I can point you to gaming stores that does carry the game 🙂

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