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Bulljack Talabahan: Bullseye To My Tummy

There’s Allan’s, Samurai & other places in Capiz, Passi, Oton, Villa & etc. that compete for the title of everyone’s favourite talabahan. Ilonggos know what good seafood is & I can tell that expensive, fancy places anywhere else (except in Japan maybe, dat sh*t gewd) are no competition to our province’s bamboo huts & shack restaurants!

One of the eateries I have heard so often during discussions of new paces to eat in is Bulljack Talabahan. Its name has been making the rounds already! In Iloilo, you know the place is that good when advertising costs are at a minimum & the fame travels by word of mouth. Most roadside seafood restaurants are packed with people from all walks of life & their aim is one & the same: large tubs of talaba or oysters + other kinds of seafood. I’m a cowgirl when it comes to eating but after months of fast food & meals that cost an arm/leg, nothing makes me happier than simple, delicious & best of all, cheap food from home.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

After visiting some relatives, I declare I want to see what the fuss over Bulljack is all about, so the family agrees to my wishes as they know not satisfying my food requests can be very dangerous. We make our way to Coastal Road & look for the shack. There are a couple of talabahans lined up in a row so, be careful not to miss it! Look for the one overflowing with customers. We park by the side of the road & step inside a typical roadside eatery.

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Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

We had grilled fish & some sinigang as a starter. The stars of our seafood lunch however, are the talaba & butter garlic shrimp – both house specialties. A  serving of talaba in a small labador (around 15-18 pieces) is at Php30 only. We got 4 servings & hungrily consumed the things with our hands. Large, fleshy pieces dipped in sawsawan made me want to shed a tear since I haven’t had any in months!

The oysters are steamed to keep the ocean-y flavour intact. The servers will ask you if you want them medium or well-done, the same way a steak restaurant would. We had ours well-done since that’s the best way to go when having oysters – we wouldn’t want to risk LBM!

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I’m happy my prawn allergies did not get in the way of me enjoying the Garlic Shrimp (P140 for 1/4 kilo) – a plate of sea critters doused in sweet-savory sauce which I also put on my rice. When I get back to the big city, these will haunt me in my dreams 😦 In my opinion, this is the must-try of all must-tries when you’re at Bulljack. My mouth waters as I upload the picture! Argh. The other day on my 2nd visit, I tried their Chili Shimp. Good as well!

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For a group of 5 (including soft drinks & rice), the total bill was only around P600! Upon surveying, Bulljack is one of the cheapest places to have a seafood feast. A word of caution, however. Serving time takes very long because of the number of customers they have, so it’s advised to call/text ahead for advance orders. Not to worry, table turnover is fast. It’s also best to come early lunch time to avoid the sea of people.

Consider this as one of my new hometown favourites! You can find Bulljack at Coastal Road, near the exit of Metropolis Subdivision.


One comment on “Bulljack Talabahan: Bullseye To My Tummy

  1. Maisa Leibovitz
    December 30, 2013

    That last plate of garlic shrimp there, is what all of my dreams taste and smell like. wonderful 🙂

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