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Homebaked: Answering Pastry Dilemmas

It’s December already?! It’s the month where I’m looking forward to going home, wrapping gifts & loads of buffets to celebrate the holiday season avec my favourite holiday tunes, of course. While I suffer the wrath of peak month at work, I bet most people are already planning what to give as gifts & what to put on their tables for noche buena. Worry not as I suggest a couple of sweet thangs so you have more time for more important things rathter than scour the malls at the last minute when all other bakeries are sold out of cakes.

Most of the time, I write about food adventures with my baking mama, Homa. See, I believe our friendship’s foundation was built on the same level of appreciation for food (that, plus gigs and Zac Efron). Our conversations revolve around how we love the tautness of brioche bread; our moments of midnight sushi trips & a large amount of money on Italian restaurants. I give her a large jar of achara for no reason & she makes me lemon curd cupcakes in return.

While I pursued my musical stuff, she went over to the pastry side. After a couple of years formally studying at CCA & a lot of whining internships at hotels in Manila, she decided to do a swing out sister & breakout  into her own business. Homebaked by Homa gives you home baked pastries with specially curated & sourced ingredients – all made with a sheer love for the good things in life. Firsthand encounter with her passion!



Iloilo people, behold, products from a baker whose no-frills philosophy gives you simple, straightforward baked goodies that focus on quality! “I hate food colouring & I like classic flavours,” says #chefhoma. My sentiments exactly as more & more pastry shops would rather spend on packaging or design rather than the product itself. Yet again, I stand by the belief that the more fancy a dessert looks, the less delicious it is. These are some testaments to that.

I have had the luck of always trying whatever comes out of her oven for a couple of years already & this is always the highlight of invading their house. But lately, it’s been baked goods & I could not be more enthusiastic to try them all.


Classic chocolate cupcake

Toblerone Cheesecake

Toblerone Cheesecake

The great thing about her products is that they are not too sweet – the older crowd (and people who do not like the feeling of raped tonsils such as me) will love them. The right amount of sweetness – not too much at all! The fact that they come in great flavours are a bonus. Nothing hipster or trendy here, just honest-to-goodness classic pastries. I especially like pairing them with coffee or tea! I’m saying this as a consumer & not a friend. But I guess you have to try them to see for yourself. Here are some of the things you can order for the Christmas season & beyond:

  • Banana LoafP150
  • Cupcakes (in Red Velvet, Banana, Chocolate & other flavours at request) – P240/6 in a box
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies P240/10 in a box
  • Oatmeal Raisin CookiesP300/10 in a box
  • Assorted Macarons P380/10 per box
  • Lemon CakeP470
  • Chocolate Cake P480
  • Banana Cinnamon CakeP500
  • Carrot CakeP550
  • Toblerone CheesecakeP570
  • Red Velvet CakeP600
  • Banana Carrot CakeP615
  • Sugarfree Chocolate CakeP700
  • Sugarfree Cheesecake – P800

Her menu varies monthly, so drop her some inquiries & orders at 09176345660. I’m getting my mom & other loved ones cakes for the holidays, most definitely.


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