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Hatch22: Still Under The Hen

Leave it to a name like Erwan Heussaf to get the people talking about a certain restaurant — especially if he’s a part of it.

Hatch 22 is a new café + bakery (which to me is really a brunch place because of all the sumptuous meal choices) which is getting a lot of hype because of the Heussaf siblings’ involvement in the restaurant. It’s always full of yuppies, not-so yuppies & basically a crowd of people who took notice because of its viral presence in Instagram. Hatch is located at the upscale Power Plant Mall & is very fitting as the price you should allot per head is P500 & up. But hey, all for good food.



The interiors are a mix of rustic & modern — wooden accents (the awesome unfinished ceiling) & vintage looking black & white geometric tiles on the floor. It gives off that “quiet brunch café in New York” feel. The typography & description (“neighbourhood café”) is very…Erwan. Close lang?! Hahaha! But judging by the events & stuff he comes up with, it’s a pattern of using the same equation: hipster fonts + black & white + usage of the word “neighbourhood.” Hahaha idk. I still worship you & your knife skills, man.

Catching up with my friend Q after my 2 PM meeting meant a very late brunch slash snack. We weren’t into eating a lot of rice so we decided to split some dishes. Notably, all the dishes at Hatch are good for two. Great for sharing while he whines about the fashion styling industry.


We got the must-try of all must-tries: their bread basket. We chose Bread Basket #1 (Php240) which was made up of Butter Brioche, Cheddar Milk Biscuit, Cranberry & Walnut, Dark Molasses Roll, Jalapeno & Cheddar bread (the easy favourite) paired with Citrus Chili Marmalade & Apple Pie Butter. These were of great quality & I wished I had some coffee to go with it (but I already had 3 cups in the morning so just stop, woman). On a personal note however, I feel that it should have been served warm(er). It felt left out of the oven to me. But other than that, thumbs up for the breads. I am told Bread Basket #2 is french breads whilst Bread Basket #3 is more on Filipino fare.



We also got a serving of the Basque Breakfast (Php380). I could not remember the exact description but I’m pretty sure it had cheese, tomatoes, chickpeas, spiced sausages, jalapeños & some other things you might find on a New Orleans-style casserole. It was also served with bread. I particularly liked pairing this with the sweeter breads since it gave a nice contrast to the flavour & texture.


Perhaps next time around when I have more space (and budget?), I’ll be looking forward to having their NYOB (Not Your Eggs Benedict) & Crispy Corned Beef. I also hear their cocktails & pancakes are bestsellers so we’ll see about that. Maybe when they officially open.

Brought some of the bread home & I am munching on the cheddar milk biscuit with strawberry jam & Biscoff spread. Mm, good stuff, this bread.

Hatch 22 can be found at Rockwell Power Plant Mall & is open daily at 7 AM – 10 PM. Strictly no reservations on weekends.


2 comments on “Hatch22: Still Under The Hen

  1. Kat
    November 26, 2013

    Looking forward to try this place with Kar! Thanks for the tip, Jilly! 🙂

    • jillianisyourfriend
      November 27, 2013

      Welcome, twinny! Maybe you guys should wait till it’s not on its soft opening anymore. Needs a little work pa.

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