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π Breakfast & Pies: I Hate Math But I Love Pie

And the endless fascination for breakfast food continues. Maybe I should change this blog’s name to Concerts & Breakfast. I love breakfast.

Quezon City is a territory that scares me for some reason as I always feel I will get lost & die there. But it only takes work & (of course) great food to make me commute & find my way around. One late afternoon, I find myself finished with yet another meeting not in the usual Makati, but instead, QC. My stomach grumbles & I find myself near Teacher’s Village. The location sparks my foodie memory & I associate it with a lot of great, hidden culinary gems. After a quick Google search, I find out that π Breakfast & Pies is somewhere nearby.


It’s not so hard to find (thank gahd for GPS & kind cab drivers) & I excitedly step down to a quaint little space. I am greeted by a kind manong who smiles & hands me the menu. The place is smaller as compared to other restaurants but I like the vibe very much — cozy, quiet, well-lit, tastefully designed. I don’t know the relevance of the π though. Do they love math? Cos I sure as heck don’t, but I love me some apple pie. Or any pie for that matter!



Immediately, I am drawn to the Chicken & Waffles (Php165). When it arrives on my table, I am pleased to find out it’s a big portion. The waffle is made out of their special wheat batter & upon cutting it in half, I see that it has corn kernels & jalapeños mixed in! Wow! Upon biting, it is fluffy & savoury — not my usual buttermilk. A good different! Atop it are fruits: fresh strawberry, green apples & blueberries with syrup (or honey?). There is some really good chicken skin & gravy in the dish as well. Ingredients I never thought would work together but they did!


I ask Smiling Manong what is their specialty pie & without a blink, he say “I-Smack Pie po!” He is referring to the Smack Pie (Php155) & I told him I’ll be getting one. Upon checking the menu, it says that it’s their answer to THE Momofuku Milk Bar Crack Pie. Wait. As in Momofuku in New York?! I Google reviews & people say it’s the closest thing to it. As for I, who have not tried a Crack Pie, thoroughly enjoyed it – sticky crust with caramel-like center.


π Breakfast & Pies is a nice place with reasonably priced & quality food. Perfect for me time as well as quiet date time. π Breakfast & Pies can be found in #39 Malingap Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City (beside PINO).


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