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Bazaar Love Triangle: Not Your Momma’s Flea Market

— Unless your momma is one cool chick.

The entire week when Typhoon Yolanda hit the country, I was wondering what I could do to help since I was bombarded with work (like now but I need an outlet to blog so whatever). I was thinking of giving out relief goods when suddenly, this event page jumped out on me like a panther.


Bazaar Love Triangle is a cross between my two favourite kinds of events: involving food & music. A night bazaar, gig & street party rolled into one to be held at the cutest furniture/lifestyle hub, Heima. The best part was, instead of the usual entrance fee, just bring your donation & you’re good to go! I brought 20 individually packed plastic bags filled with toilet necessities: toothpaste, antibacterial soap, sanitary napkins & even candles + matches. I’m pretty sure there’s enough food coming from other donors & if I were in a victim’s place, I’d whimper if I’d be without basic toiletries. My event partner for the night gave away his old clothes. Carrying a big garbage bag full of stuff (and praying it wouldn’t rip apart), we both made our way to Kapitolyo one humid evening last November 16.

Donation boxes!

Donation boxes!

The entire space of Thee Brixton (both the parking lot & a room at the 3rd floor) had food stalls, retail spaces & a stage set up. It was a nice kind of chaos & the music was flippin’. Just a little FYI, Three Brixton is home to some offices, vegetarian restaurants, furniture shops & Co.Lab – a mix of whatever tickles your fancy – in the Kapitolyo, Pasig area.

Top: at the Brixton parking lot & below: at the 3/F at Co.Lab

The scene

Satchmi selling some vinyl for the old-school kids

Satchmi selling some vinyl for the old-school kids

Retails stores available were Satchmi, Coast Thru Life, 13 Lucky Monkey, The Daykeeper, Viva La Manika, Neon Island, Everybody Needs A Pair, Antler, The Lost Nomad, Doodle Shoes &Think About Tomorrow.

Check these stores out (I posted links) for some really unique Filipino brands selling the coolest stuff!

UkayAlalay got the most love among the stalls with celebrities like Saab & Max Magalona with Lauren Young (who made me so jelly because she was so beautiful bee-tee-dubs) selling pre-loved clothes from fashion stylists & other local celebrities to raise funds for Red Cross. They made P100,000.00++ that night! Great job!

We spent time at Co.Lab on the 3rd floor for some air-conditioning & listening to DJ sets (Cholo Hermosa, Nights of Rizal, SimilarObjects) while being given free watermelons (I have no idea why) & while sipping on lemonade. My tapping foot & swaying shoulders especially loved the 90’s songs being remixed.


I wasn’t into retail therapy but instead, I had my eyes on the available food stalls: The Curator, Nolita & Bronuts. The Curator serves coffee & cocktails carefully concocted by their baristas, but I didn’t get the chance to try them (both during The Neighborhood & this event, darn it!). However, I got myself some Steak & Egg pizza (P290) & a ginger lemonade (P160) from Nolita. That slice hit the spot & how I wish I had the bladder to try all the drinks they offered (and that cannoli)!




Seeing something interesting at the stall across: they served Bronuts – a thicker, more “manly” version of the cronut. These babies are always sold out at Rockwell & other bazaars.


We got a Belgian Chocolate & Salted Caramel (Php110/pc) to share for dessert although I hoped I had room for a Cream Cheese & Bacon! I did not. It was indeed heftier & bigger than all the other contenders here in Manila & the specially piped in flavours make it even all the more special. Fist bump to you, bro.

Live performances from Tarsiustide/edit, Identikit, Cheats, Chocolate Grass, Hilera & Imago followed. I especially enjoyed tide/edit‘s set that night – a mix of post-rock, indie & a whole lot us fun guitar riffs.

Cheats onstage

Cheats onstage



Collectively, it was a steady, great night that didn’t make you feel guilty at all because your presence was in the name of giving & sharing what you can when your countrymen need it the most (aaand take a break from back breaking two weeks straight at work with music, food & booze maybe).

Bazaar Love Triangle was a collaboration event between GRRRL SCOUT x Satchmi & Heima Home & Lifestyle.

+ Happy to know the donations are reaching people in my province! Yay!


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