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Three Month Rule: A Birthday Post

Popoy told Basha there was a three month rule so no need to start this post by asking for forgiveness for posting about my little birthday celebration…three months later.

Alright, maybe he was referring to looking for a replacement lover in One More Chance but I apply it to blog entries as well. Ahehe. I am feeling nostalgic & would like to chronicle this even if it’s quite late.

My escape from the womb was exactly August 30th & I celebrated it the way I wanted: with the closest of close friends. Originally, the breakfast & pretty place loving me wanted to be gracious & ladylike; thus invited everyone for a long Sunday brunch. Buuut we ended up in a dark, offbeat alley on a Saturday night for drinks & cake. An odd combination, but very enjoyable!



We spent it at Today x Future near Cubao X. I didn’t want to spend my birthday at some overpriced club where my friends are dressed in uncomfortably high heels. Events such as birthdays need to reflect a someone’s personality & this is exactly the kind of celebration that I wanted: straightforward, unusual & drunk fun! Homa suggested the place & I gave it my thumbs up right away. TxF is a wee bit difficult to find at first since it’s tucked within Gen. Malvar Street in QC. I found out it used to be a beauty parlour back in the day & is now home to hipsters & people who want to have a good time without busting their pockets. Sometimes it’s a place for live performances, dance parties or thrift shopping.

Vintage TV's & stuff adorn the walls

Vintage TV’s & stuff adorn the walls

Disco balls & bright lights

Disco balls & bright lights

TxF ‘s interiors are a cool mix of vintage & just the right amount of kitsch. My boss & friends gave me cakes but this one from The Dork really “coloured my day!”

Rainbow cake from Cake Shack

Rainbow cake from Cake Shack

The girls decided to get themselves cheesesticks, drunken dory, pizza & beer bacon to go along with the drinks that were just as fun to order as they were to drink! Some of our favourites: My Shirota (a Yakult + vodka combo), Julie Delpy (lychee + vodka), Beergaritas (beer & margarita) & Drunken Gummies (gummy bears + rum). There’s a regular bucket of beer & pitchers of regular mixed drinks for our boys.

The birthday gang!

The birthday gang!






One thing we all loved was the music & laid back vibe of the place. A night is never the same at TxF. One evening it’s Cholo Loco (ghetto-inspired hip-hop) & the next it’s electro played by tranny DJ’s! It was the relaxed, easy-going night I’d hoped it would be with the people I loved the most.

I also received a lot of lovely things for my birthday such as a tea & coffee press, more cakes & cards. After our drunken stupor that night (early morning?), I had to show up at The Dork’s family reunion in Tagaytay at 8 AM — hangover & all. What a weekend!

It was my first birthday to be away from my family & spent my own money on my celebration! Quite a memorable one.

Thanks to Today x Future for being the great venue for my simple fête & to Cake Shack for the yummy cake! And of course to the crew for coming together & gifts. Belated happy birthday to me!


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