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Project Pie: Design, Build & Eat Your Own Pizza

I usually create my own version of pizza at home with tortilla wraps & grilling them, so the idea of making my own pizza is not a very foreign one, but still, I welcomed that concept with Project Pie.

Tired of eating bad pizza, the creator, James Markham, decided to take things into his own hands & set out to create a casual pizza place but with quality ingredients & a whole lot of fun. Interestingly enough, this is the first franchise outside of the US — and only the 4th!

If you’ve been reading, you will know The Dork & I have a thing for prosciutto pizza, so it was a little surprise of mine to bring him over to the place for dinner on a busy weeknight. And the fact that we would be making our own version of our favourite is a thrill.

A wall of inspirational quotes

A wall of inspirational quotes



Inside are clean, minimalist interiors & a space wider than your average restaurant, but the overflow of people — families, couples & barkadas alike all wanting to make their version of the perfect pizza  — made it a noisy, packed space. It was uncomfortable to share tables (with really close proximities) as well as the conversation bouncing off walls. I was determined to make my pizza though, so I left The Dork to grab some space while I lined up at the pizza assembly line.

Build Your Own Pizza starts at Php285 which is good for one. You may also opt to get ready made pizza but where’s the fun in that?! I decide to make my own version of the prosciutto & a 5 cheese for The Dork. You choose ingredients in an assembly line & the pizza crafters make it for you. After they are done popping it in the oven, they call out your name & fresh pizza in your style comes in a piping hot metal tray!

My custom prosciutto pizza (Php285)

My custom prosciutto pizza (Php285) – white pizza topped with tomatoes, onions, basil & prosciutto

cheese (Php285)

Five cheese (Php285) — olive oil base with all the cheese I can dump: gorgonzola, ricotta, feta, parmesan & mozzarella plus some basil

The size is definitely not for the hungry as it was a little bitin in our case. One solo pizza is four slices of thin crust (which I like) & the toppings are of standard amount.

They also have different varieties of pizza such as a pizza salad (topped with greens) or dessert pizza (strawberry mango nutella, anyone?) if you don’t feel like getting the usual. Was also quite pleased with the drink choices: gourmet iced tea (Php65 for a refillable cup) & baby chardonnay bottles (Php250). Cola & lemonade is also available.


All in all, the place is a fun experience if you do not want a fast-food feel to your pizza weekends. Be prepared to wait it out though, their tables & lines are always full.



You can find Project Pie at Laurel Street, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong. Open daily at 10 AM – 10 PM.

Late post for September 5, 2013.


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