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Punot: Modern Ilonggo Cuisine

I may have written a series of food & places to try in Iloilo but this one deserves a separate post on its own.

We all know when you say Ilonggo food, it’s always a close fight (not to mention the top of mind choices) between Breakthrough or Tatoy’s. However, people seem to enjoy a more refined atmosphere & menu when it comes to native food these days, not the usual by-the-beach & bamboo table setting we are all used to. This is where restaurants like Punot comes in.

I laugh at the name as it sounds funny to me but mother explains to me that it is a basket used to catch fish in the province. SHAME ON ME!!! DO I DARE CALL THYSELF AN ILONGGA?! But I quickly end my unnecessary self-pity soliloquies & inspect the restaurant closely. Contemporary, casual interiors good for a relaxing night with the family. We choose a long table inside since the open-air dining area is packed.



I discover that the roots of this restaurant is from Estancia — a province known to be rich fishing ground. Taking a peek at the menu, I feel excitement since the choices are not the usual grilled fare: Estancia Chowder, Chicken Inasal Caesar salad & Corned Beef Kansi! I am in awe at what you can do with seemingly ordinary native food!

We order a set of Kilawin Tanguigue Shots (Php160) to trigger our appetites. Papa & I enjoyed these a lot! We also ordered a carafe of the Punot Iced Tea which was good for 4 persons. A little on the syrupy side but nevertheless good.



We order two different servings of seafood as suggested by the waitress because she told us the different treatment of the food resulted to different flavours & that both were good. We took her word for it & got the Seafood ala Punot (Php260) — marinated variety of squid, fish & shrimp in special lemon butter sauce good for sharing. The seafood was sooo succulent! Another dish was, in contrast, deep fried seafood. Seafood Prito-Fritos (Php160) was a mix of fried talaba, squid & crablets with red wine vinegar sauce. A more flavourful, fun take on these sea critters. We also had a serving of their Baked Talaba (Php145) but in this case, I would still choose seaside places for this particular dish. Not bad, but not great either.




Brothers got a Pasta Bola-Bola (Php210) which is just an Ilonggo version of spaghetti with meatballs. Not bad either but I wished they could be more adventurous & ordered the Pasta Dinagyang, pasta in squid ink.

IMG_5841Our party of five would have loved to order more but their servings are more than enough for sharing. I guess this is the signal for me to file another leave so I can get my grubby, stubby hands on the other dishes they have to offer.

Punot is very admirable in its quest for innovative, exciting styles of serving food that is very close to home. Four stars!

Punot Restaurant is located at Esplanade Boardwalk, Diversion Road, Iloilo City.


2 comments on “Punot: Modern Ilonggo Cuisine

  1. Punot
    December 13, 2013

    Thank you so much for the positive review.
    Much appreciated. And glad to know you enjoyed your dining experience @ Punot.

    See you again soon. :))

    • jillianisyourfriend
      December 15, 2013

      Thank you as well! Trust that I’ll be bringing balikbayan/visiting friends over! 🙂

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