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Strip Steakhouse: Tasteful Luxury

It was my cousin’s birthday & what says celebration than steak?

I always love a good quality steak. Or any meat for that matter. In my more barbarian & ignorant days, I’d order my steak well-done but now that I know better, I enjoy a medium rare or medium well (depends on my mood) on times that I feel indulgent or particularly carnivorous. Lucky for me, the cousins invited me to have dinner at Strip Steakhouse in Solaire Casino & Resort. I have spent numerous nights & afternoons at its rival, Resorts World, for work or idle time before catching a flight, but this is my first time here & it is indeed (sorry RW!) more luxurious & high-end — really catering to it’s big ballin’ market. “Vegas in the Philippines” as some call it.


Gigantic lamps that impress at every corner

Gigantic lamps that impress at every corner

I came from work & knowing the hell that is Manila traffic on a rainy Friday night, I am surprised I arrive just in time (via their free shuttle thank God)! We saunter into the opulent lobby lined with a glass-enclosed wine cellar & are later on seated at a long table with fine leather seats. I am dazzled by the lavish interiors — truly fitting for a steakhouse that screams “damn right you’ll be using your credit card here!“.




My eyes bulge at the menu’s prices & I am so glad I am not paying for dinner. But my belief is if the meal I am about to have justifies the price, then expensive restaurants are perfectly understandable. Dinner commenced with a serving of bread with 3 different kinds of butter — a wonderful starter. Consider myself a bread enthusiast & I enjoyed every bite of it: taut but slightly soft at the core. The salted butter was my favourite.


Noticing her shivering, the staff offered Tita a scarf & turned down the temperature without her even asking. Plus points for the service staff! We await our steaks in anticipation as I’m sure the thought of seared, juicy beef kept us warm. As soon as my medium well ribeye steak arrives, my pupils dilate like a wildcat & my heart palpitates at the sights & smells of meat. It was a thick, large slab, much to my delight! At the side of the dish is bone marrow as a palate tickler. Scooping it out with the small spoon, I could already hear myself blaspheming at how sinful this meal was & I had no plans of repenting. The staff let us choose our steak knives & presented us with 3 sauces: pepper-based, mushroom-based and — the only sauce whose actual name I can remember — béarnaise. Of course there was no hollandaise! Such blasphemy! So ghetto!

I’ve read somewhere that “insecure steaks only need sauce” and I agree. My meat however, which was licked thoroughly by the grill, needed it.

My steak in flash photography

My steak in flash photography

Upon first bite, I felt that I should have ordered it medium rare. The meat was juicy but not as slightly soft in the middle as I wanted it to be. A little on the well-done side, in my opinion since I couldn’t really taste the deep ringing of raw meat. The steak didn’t cause me momentary amnesia the same way other dishes do. But the slabs were so big, we had a hard time finishing them, Irene most especially. But as a redeemer, the potato gratin that I ordered as a starch was too good — truly a perfect pairing to my steak. Milky, creamy, potatoes with a beautiful crust on the outside. My mouth waters as I type this. We end the meal opening our pants buttons & sighing one by one.

Overall, the experience, setting, service & all else were an A+, but I don’t know why I wasn’t thoroughly satisfied. Maybe next time I should stick to medium rare? And tip: Strip is very pricey, bring your credit card/parents/other family members/a date who will pay. Happy birthday & thanks, Ivan!


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