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Balboa: Confusing Italian

A couple of weeks ago, The Dork & I decided to have dinner to ourselves since the week prior was a tornado of out of town work trips for the both of us + hanging out with a bunch of visiting friends + working weekends. I also decided it was Jillian’s-turn-to-pay-for-dinner-night much to his protests. Leave me alone, child!!! So on a Tuesday night, we check out what else the new East Wing of Shangri-La Mall has to offer.

The new wing actually has a bunch of Italian restaurants but this one caught my eye — all because of its pretty chairs. The indoor dining area is dim & full of diners so we proceed to the brighter al fresco area. As I am seated, I try to figure out the cuisine which Balboa offers, but I really don’t have any clue. It says pizza, pasta & steaks, but the name suggests Spanish & the plush interiors scream Italian/French. Plus the waiters were wearing tex-mex kind of outifts. A feast for the senses & not in a good way, I think.



Balboa's interiors

Balboa’s interiors

We really didn’t want to think much so the no-brainer pizza & pasta combination was agreed upon. I don’t know why, but it took us quite a while to decide on what to order (the menu was also confusing). Eventually, we decided on their Carbonara (Php298) for starters. We always joked about mediocre diners always ordering carbonara first but this particular one had us surprised! A light, creamy sauce with truffle & pancetta, we really enjoyed this dish since it wasn’t the Filipino kind wherein the pasta is swimming in white sauce. The solo platter was already good for 2 persons. No picture since we hungrily consumed it already.

We already gave each other “the look” when we saw there was proscuitto pizza in the menu. It’s always been our thing for some inexplicable reason & one of our dining goals (yep) is to try all the prosciutto pizza we can. Their Proscuitto, Mushroom & Arugula pizza (Php389) was simply…okay. We’ve tried the ones in Poco Deli & Cibo & this adds to the list of dissappointing ones. Crust was tough, meat was sparse. It tasted & felt like it was made during lunchtime then just microwaved. We still have to find a prosciutto pizza which is at par to CPK‘s — the best one we’ve had yet.

Meh-scuitto pizza

Meh-scuitto pizza

Heads up (thumbs in his case) to their drinks though! I ordered a Lychee, Lime, Honey mocktail (Php138) which tasted like crushed candies — the good kind! Really refreshing & made up for the sad pizza experience. The gay one got himself a Blue Velvet milkshake (Php148) which was also very good — not the nauseatingly sweet kind either.

The annoying signature pose

The annoying signature pose

The drink that made up for the pizza

The drink that made up for the pizza

In summation, Balboa may have a few good things going on but it certainly needs a lot of work. It leaves me slightly disappointed & very confused. Good concepts with poor execution, perhaps? Good thing they had really nice chairs.

Balboa is located at the 4/F, East Wing of Shangri-La Plaza Mall & is open daily from 11 AM t0 9 PM.


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