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Buffet Tidbits: Cheese, Fancy Wraps & More

Once in a while, my job permits me to experience not only a wonderful musical experience, but even gastronomic ones as well! What’s an event without food anyway? A really lame one, fersher.

Working for entertainment suppliers, I have had my fair tries of different hotels, caterers & their meals event after event. I even have my own favourites already — Sofitel‘s bread with pesto butter, K. by Cunanan‘s queso de bola cheesecake & carrot rice to name a few. Once in a while, we get a break from the usual weddings or corporate events & supply music for noteworthy ones such as at the President’s at Malacañang. I shall share for no reason at all!

Last Independence Day, the palace celebrated it with a vin de honour which is a small afternoon cocktail party. After doing my job with the likes of  submitting all the musicians & staff to security check, ensure they are fed, have things signed at the socials office, running around, preparing their payroll & everything else, I ask for a few drinks as I am double checking the program sequence just because I can.

My clipboard & some champagne to keep me sane

After early AM calltimes & taking charge of around 80 musicians, I am rewarded by being allowed to take part of the scrumptious spread laid out before the guests. I’m not sure who did the catering, but one mentioned that it was Margarita Fores (of Cibo, Lusso, Café Bola & a couple more Italian fusion places).

There were stations of lechon, different pancit wth gourmet toppings, other kinds of meat & even a sorbetes cart — all in line with the patriotic revelries for the day. What I really enjoyed however was the bread & cheese station. Some irrelevant trivia: I am not a fan of dairy products, but being with a hardcore cheese lover for the past few years, my taste had to follow suit. I ended up putting cheese in everything I cooked for him & proceeded to devouring as much as I can as well. I later on found out cheese isn’t all that bad. In fact, I ended up sampling & loving all kinds of it. The tolerable variety anyway.

Cheese sampling!

Cheese sampling!

The cheese was not the usual so it was quite interesting. The musicians were all busy scarfing down plates of crisp pork skin while I stood there in front of the cheese with my eyes twinkling the same way it does whenever I’m inside Forever 21.

Smoked Laguna Kesong Puti

  • Smoked Laguna Kesong Puti

Kesong puti or white cheese is the Filipino version of cottage cheese if I am not mistaken. I am used to the soft, cold kind which is slathered atop steaming pan de sal & I pair it with longganisa. Yuuuhm. This particular cheese was smoked which means it was intended to bring out more of the flavour & harden it a little. It was a little difficult to spread, but I put it atop what seemed to be baguette slices & I noticed nutty, then fruity, followed by saltier undertones — like layered flavours unraveling in your tongue as you chewed more. It was lovely but I still prefer the old-fashioned way of eating kesong puti. Cold & spreadable.


  • Pepato

Interesting,” I thought to myself as I hovered over this plate. It seemed like peppercorns were amalgamated into the cheese & I was right! It was not the spreadable kind as it was a little on the hard side so I ended up nibbling it instead. Very, very strong flavour! The girl manning the cheese station tells me you can grate it over dishes like pasta so that you don’t have to add salt or pepper. Cheese as seasoning sounds appetizing.


  • Goat Cheese

Who didn’t get that goat cheese or as the French put it, chèvre, is made out of goat’s milk? It obviously is. The properties in goat milk add more tart to the flavour but I prefer the milder kind, really. Due to the temperature in the hall, the texture of the cheese was kind of wrong for me as I was expecting more smoothness, instead it was more on…squashy. Nevertheless, it went on my breads & I gobbled it up with gusto. At that point, I just wanted saltine crackers, wine & cold cuts to go with the flavour tsunami in my mouth. Sooo good.


  • Blush

I kind of ended my cheese sampling badly with this one. I already smelled it all the way from the end  of the long table but being the foodie that I am, I decide to experience it anyway. And hooooo-boooooy, what an experience. The smell was so overwhelming, it reminded me of an uncleaned gym. For a year. And still moist. I AM SORRY. It somehow affected my taste? But ignoring what my olfactory senses told me, I let my tongue embrace the flavours which was also very overwhelming. It was a lot to handle for me. Needless to say, I didn’t finish the little pile in my platter. Perhaps for hardcore artisan cheese lovers, but definitely not for me.

Moving away from the cheese station, I found another table which got my attention. They appeared to be making crepes, but in the little plates used to store the fillings were caviar, eggs & fish. To my delight, it was a gourmet tanguige wrap! Something fresh & new to me!



This beauty was composed of smoked tangigue, lumpfish caviar, kalamansi mayonnaise & chives enclosed in a delicate organic egg wrap then garnished with a lemon wedge. The combination of flavours was so crisp & I particularly enjoyed  the feeling of caviar exploding in my mouth. It left my palate feeling cleansed (after the blush, that was EXACTLY what I needed).

My workmates look at me impatiently as I am the last to finish. Not my fault I savour every morsel, sirs & madams. I end the early workday with a smile. Ah, the wonderful things in life. Cheers to good food & jobs that give you good food for free.


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