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Maple Restaurant: High End Breakfast

Yes, another breakfast place.

Eating out is a reward for my usually busy week & I allot a part of my budget for somewhere nice. I know Maple‘s first branch is at San Antonio Plaza but lucky for me, they opened at a nearer vicinity at Shangri-La Plaza Mall (in the new East Wing) so, hooray!

Maple is a premiere all-day breakfast place (think upscale Pancake House with a slightly gourmet approach) which also serves Western-style cuisine. The last few pancakes I had were really not that special, so I hoped that Maple could quench this particular fluffy, buttermilk pancake thirst. We step inside & I smile at the charming interiors: quaint wooden chairs, woven chandeliers, subdued lighting & pretty little details here & there. It actually reminded me of a fancy ranch/country club. The walls are adorned with (what I think were) bottles of maple syrup. Intricate outlines of their signature trees were plastered everywhere, how lovely! I later learn that they inject a “fairytale” theme to all aspects of the restaurant.

IMG_4082 IMG_4083

My phone photos do not to justice to the place's interiors

My phone photos do not to justice to the place’s interiors

I open the menu & find that they are indeed a bit pricey, at a starting price of PHP300. But opening this luxe menu designed like a storybook tells me I will get what I pay for.

IMG_4081I give the menu a quick run & decide that I do not want a really heavy meal (they serve  backribs, mussels, crab cakes — sort of New Orleans-y, Southern food). I look at the breakfast choices & instantly fell in love with the Big Maple Breakfast (Php540) — 3 plate-sized buttermilk pancakes (or Belgian waffle, your choice) with a dollop of creamy butter, 2 eggs (got mine scrambled) atop a bed of breakfast herbed potatoes, maple bacon & sausages. Best pancakes I have tried so far! It came with ketchup & (of course) maple syrup. Biiig breakfast indeed. I also have to mention their Country Iced Tea (Php105) is a winner.

Big Maple Breakfast with their house blend iced tea which was refreshing & delicious

Big Maple Breakfast with their house iced tea

We also got a special dish (which was available for the month, I think) — Maple’s Savoury Pancakes (Php375) — which was very eggs benedict-y. Pancakes on a lake of what seems to be hollandaise then topped with bacon & eggs cooked they way you want them. A little sprinkle of herbs leave a fresh aftertaste. Gonna channel my Rachel Ray & say “yum-o!”


Indeed a little bit on the expensive side but food-quality & ambiance wise, Maple delivers. I see it as a good place for long, relaxed Sunday lunches with the family. Alabang residents can look forward to having a taste of it by December this year.

Maple Restaurant can be found at Shangri-La Plaza Mall, LGF East Wing, Mandaluyong. You can also pay a visit at San Antonio Plaza, Forbes Park, Makati. Open daily 11:00AM – 9:00PM.

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