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OPM Raves x Opinions on So-Called Music Lovers

Written March 5, 2013 on my Facebook notes. Reposted & edited.

Let’s start my rave with a rant. Perhaps one of my greatest annoyances in life is people who declare “music is my life” (with matching profile pic of wearing headphones & tweeting the latest song) in their Twitter bios but do either of these things: (1) do nothing except stay in front of their computer screens or mp3 players & don’t go out there for the experience AKA concerts, live shows, pursue knowledge, etc. & (2) limit their listening & liking of certain artists AKA “I only listen to stuff like CSS cos liking anything other than electro is so uncool.”

My firm belief is that people who love music do so much more than stay on Last.Fm & download all day from iTunes. I know restricted sources might affect opinion number one but opinion number two is much more doable. People & kids these days are pretty close minded (YouTube comments can definitely attest to that: “One Direction is so much better!” “Why is Bruno Mars stealing Sting’s style!” “Only Etta James can sing it like she can.“) What really saddens me, however, is the lack of appreciation for OPM.

One thing I really disliked about my hometown is the great lack & support of art appreciation. One of the directors I’ve worked with for musicals told me “Maskin ma luhod ka pa na sa tubang ka Ilonggo, mahal gid na ya ila palakpak.” Which is so true. No room for growth & no incentive for budding musicians or artists. I’m really happy I now inhabit a place where talent, shows & a great following of music thrives. Generally, I think OPM is still underappreciated.

Sure it can be a little jologs or the Filipino’s great affinity for birit ballads is a little tiring, but unknown to many are the skill & hidden gems that is in OPM! I’m no song writer or studied it formally, but I am quite a nerd and look into the technicalities of albums, songs & singing styles. I like my Claude Michel Schönberg pieces but you’d be surprised to know I appreciate Taylor Swift’s lyrical abilities albeit her whiny voice & being totally mainstream. And people get so hyped up over foreign rock acts when they cannot even appreciate how awesome Aegis is (that vocal release grabe)!

People have a right to their own opinions but I’m just sitting here frustrated over how people would label local music as buki or simply choose the latest Avicii track over Abra without even giving it a listen. People need to open their ears & breed the thought that OPM can be just as good 🙂 Enough ranting, let’s start raving!

Himig Handog is this songwriting competition wherein finalists will have their songs sung by some of Star Record’s seasoned singers. What’s good about this year is they gave different universities in Manila a chance to produce the music videos for the compositions (as posted here). Gave all 12 songs a listen & these are my favourites:

  • Alaala (Tianga, Muervana & Jabat) sung by Yeng Constantino

Say what you want about Yeng but she is an amazing performer & is very humble. She is honestly one of the persons I applaud in terms of performing. I have seen her live & her energy just radiates. This song has sing-me-at-the-top-of-your-lungs-in-the-shower status thanks to its chorus. The track has a sort of Demi Lovato/Alanis Morissette vibe, but that’s just me. Prolly one of those songs your block can sing along to during bonfire night at some beach.

  • If You Ever Change Your Mind by Marion Aunor

I am undecided if I like this or not. A melancholic piece that is reminiscent of Regina Spektor or Ingrid Michaelson? The composer sings this herself but it would be interesting to hear Zia Quizon or Armi Millare sing this! It’s nice but the arrangement is a little sparse & adding more lower strings would have been beautiful.

  • Hanggang Wakas (Soc Villanueva) sung by Juris

Wow. This song is totally teleserye-series worthy! Filipino ballads are truly works of art & this one is one of them. Made the tears peek out of my ducts. The arrangement was lovely. If Regine Velasquez sung this (pre-concert fail), I would probably be curling up on my bed bawling. If you are looking for a piece other than the done-to-death “Ikaw” or “Bituing Walang Ningning” for an upcoming vocal pop contest, this is your best bet.

  • Kahit Na (Julius Belen) sung by Toni Gonzaga

Oh.my.god. This is on my list of songs to dance with my gay friends as back up dancers! A electro/synth/80’s feel puts this on people’s flashmob track must-haves. The lyrics are SUPER KADUPER hilarous, something a 90’s Jolina Magdangal would dance to during the credits portion of a romcom movie. The music video had me laughing so hard (alone) as well as bust out the cheesy dance moves. I don’t like Toni Gonzaga vocally but this song suits her comic side. I can also see Sarah G doing this number for ASAP or something. The new TL Ako Sa ‘Yo!

  • Nasa ‘Yo Na Ang Lahat (Jungee Marcelo) sung by Daniel Padilla

This caught my attention on the radio, had me Google it, makes me smile & tap my foot. I am all for feel good tunes! Undeniably catchy & super patok for teens because they made Mr. Hot Eyebags sing it. I honestly think it’s a great piece! And the hate for Daniel Padilla is ridiculous because he’s not even the composer! He is simply the perfect instrument in catering to the targets for this song which makes this the most well-marketed one. It’s supposed to be repetitive because it’s supposed to be catchy. Hit song, no doubt. Hatahz gonna hate, this song is good stuff!

  • Pwede Bang Ako Na Lang Ulit (Jeffrey Cifra) sung by Bugoy Drilon

Only good looking people who lipsynch on TV are given their dues & this guy right here may not be the best looking but his vocals make me swoon. This R&B ballad is also nominated for teleserye theme song fame as well as those songs you can play while looking out your window at night with the breeze blowing/your car window while it rains while contemplating your past love life. With feelings. In slow motion of course. Lovette.


One comment on “OPM Raves x Opinions on So-Called Music Lovers

  1. Katrina
    June 13, 2013

    How can I not love this post?

    P.S. I’m not sure if you’ve seen the live telecast of the contest, but Marion’s performance of If You Ever Change Your Mind was so emotional, she sobbed and had trouble finishing the song. </3 Damang-dama!

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