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Bono Artisanal Gelato: The Real Scoop

Gelato for me has always been soggy ice cream, I don’t know why.

Like a cross between ice cream & frozen yogurt, that’s what it is to me. I’m really not a fan of ice cream or such cold fare but this particular brand allowed me to think otherwise. I have been reading posts on how this particular gelateria is “the real thing,” so I decided to taste it for myself.

Made my way one weekend to SM Makati to find Bono Artisanal Gelato. It gave me quite a surprise when I found out this was a locally made brand. What gave me a bigger surprise was the fact that they take gelato seriously. Like, seriously. As in “I-took-gelato-classes-from-Carpigiani-Gelato-University-and-make-each-batch-of-gelato-carefully-with-a-process-of-three-days” seriously. They have the equipment to prove it: Pozzetto cabinets (steel canisters to keep air, light & other contamination out) and legit gelato machines from Italy.


Sleek flat screens as the menu


The cool flavours & its excellent quality is the cherry on top of the sundae (no pun intended). All flavours whether it be on a sugarcone or cup is priced as:

  • Small (1 flavour) – Php85
  • Single (1 flavour) – Php130
  • Double (2 flavours) – Php200

It was quite hard to choose from all the flavours: Lemon Basil, Chili Tamarind, Cereal & Milk, Malted Cookie Dough & a lot more. We agreed to narrow it down to two flavours & asked for samples of (1) Movie Night — chocolate dipped potato crisps, malt balls & caramel in gelato. I liked it, a touch of saltiness amidst the sweetness, but my companion found it weird. The second was (2) speculoos (yet again with these things) flavoured gelato. It was creamy with sprinkles of bits of spiced biscuits. We decided to get that after a lot of compromise.


Movie Night sample


Speculoos gelato that came with a wafer that was a nice touch

Super creamy without being too sweet — exactly my type. I hear they have special flavours every now & then (weekly I think!) so it would be a treat to come back for more since my first experience was a lovely one! I love the the set up, design, the quality of their service & the product itself. They’re opening soon at the Podium I hear, and that would make me a very happy girl. How they meld craftsmanship, fun & excellent standards for their store is a feat that only a few can achieve.

Bono Artisan Gelato is open at the 2/F or SM Makati near the bridge that connects it to Glorietta. Open during mall hours.



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