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Cucina Andare!: Eats To Go

It was one of those events for work where the waiting time was extremely long & the musicians were just lounging about. We had to wait for 2 hours & I was especially tired that day. I took a walk towards Starbucks 6750 — the nearest café to Makati Shangri-La & spotted tents being put up across. I soon realised this was the spot Makati foodies were Instagramming lately (aside from Salcedo & Legazpi markets).

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 1.14.11 PMCucina Andare! is the Philippines’ answer to the growing trend of food trucks. It’s actually a baby of the popular Mercato Centrale — which explains the scrumptious food choices. Cucina Andare is Italian for “kitchen to go.” Which leads me to the logic that you actually “go-to” the market to get your food “to-go.” Right? RIGHT?! I’m so cool.

I dragged my boss who was on a diet with me & she kept telling me “Alam mo nakakainis ka!” but I really didn’t mind. Upon seeing her check out the mushroom fries, I knew I was instantly forgiven. We went out on our separate ways to savour the sights, smells & flavours that the market had to offer.


Cucina Andare! offers a bunch of foodstuff which is perfect for sharing or eating in an open area among the stars & city bustle. From food trucks such as Shawarma Bros, Q-Kebab & Guactruck to the more popular stalls like Merry Moo Ice Cream, Chicken + Waffle House to Carlos Kitchen Pork Belly Chicharon — it’s all there. I somehow like it better than the bigger markets as it feels more intimate & you don’t have to cry because you want everything. Well, you’d still do, but the number of choices are a more manageable number to gawk at.

Baked goodies from this stand got my attention but I totally forgot its name. It sold brownie varieties for 3 pieces at Php100. Value at its best! Brownies the size of my palm with quality. “My god, magka-diabetes ka dyan!” exclaims my boss.



Chocolate chip, s’mores & strawberry cream cheese are the bestsellers

This stall of paella at Casa Goñi, got my interest (as all things with rice & meat do). They sold four varieties: Three Chorizo, Paella Negra, Beef Salpicao & Wagyu Paella. What surprised me was that a container cost me Php80 only! I got myself some Wagyu & what it lacked in texture, made up for in size & value.



Just when I was about to get mushroom fries & gelato, I am called on by the organizer to get back since our set was starting. Phooey. Still, this is a wonderful venue which is very convenient for the food market loving, metro-treading person (read: me).


A photo of dessert from Makati Shang for us, the suppliers

Cucina Andare! is open on Friday, Saturday & Sunday at the Glorietta Open Park from 5 PM till supplies last.


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