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Wanderland Music Festival 2013: Infinite Weekend

Warning: This will be a lengthy, gushy post. Peppered with bad words. And with bits of cheese.

Let me just say that I haven’t fully recovered from what may be the best f*cking weekend in my 22 years of existence. I guess it will always be MUSIC > FOOD. Any day.

May 18th was supposedly going to be Yummy Eats — an eating fair which I was planning to attend. But as soon as we heard of this music festival last March, we immediately bought tickets even if sweldo day was far, far away. I needed to have my legit music festival cherry popped.


Wanderland 2013 was one of the greatest decisions The Dork & I ever made. Like, ever. We bought the tickets months ago, back when there was only one ticket price. It cost us a painful hole in our yuppie pockets but it was something we couldn’t pass up. A month after, we learned they added a Gold Section which automatically catapulted us to VIP status. I was ecstatic! It was 12 hours of madness, summer vibes & music. Probably the best Php5k+ we spent.

On Wanderday, we decided to go to the unfamiliar venue an hour before since we both wanted to catch all the sets from all the bands. Our pre-festival conversations were quite memorable ones:

Diin na ang Circuit man?” “I don’t know, maybe we should just look for some hipsters.“Holy shit, there’s a bunch of them at that McDonald’s!” “Follow the hipster-lined road!”

(While in line) “Pakton ko ano mga bayo nila.” “Ano?” “Flower crowns, ombré shorts, boots, sando with Aztec print or wolves.” (Upon getting inside & seeing the crowd) “Told you so.”

“We should look for a strategic spot!”We’ll stay here. It’s near the stage AND the food & portalets!” “Good job, good job.”

So we began the day by buying some pizza, Jamba Juice, laid out our blanket & waited. The Dork is a few notches advanced in concert-pro level (I’m still theatre queen), so he sticks his concert earplugs in. I had to make do with my earphones 😦 We spend quite a lot of time around these things so we have to take care of our hearing — we don’t want a point when we can’t hear each other’s bickering anymore. Hahaha.


A sea of people at the Globe Circuit Grounds

A sea of people at the Globe Circuit Grounds


In the shade, near the stage & the food!

In the shade, near the stage & (but of course) the food

The line-up was a merry mix of local & foreign acts that we both liked so we braced ourselves. We were quite lucky to have a spot that had shade (it was a nice overcast day with the sun just peeking through the clouds). A little humid, but I expected worse. Here are the sets & my comments:


  • Taken By Cars – Got the party started with their post-punk riffs that got our heads banging. Our City got me singing (shouting?) along.
  • Pulso – Can I just say they were the most underrated?! Lyricless songs but The Dork & I were enthusing over their technical skills & enjoyed the bassist raping his instrument. Musicians with soul & legit skillz are my favourite! They need more material on the internet.
  • She’s Only Sixteen – Sounded like Weezer/The Kooks to me; “hilaw nga rockstars” according to him. Couldn’t stop laughing at people’s faces during the We Want Some Pussay number!
  • Yolanda Moon – Was the perfect chillout music while I lay in my blanket with my shades on & staring at the clouds while savouring Smlltlk.
  • Colour Coding – Catchy electro sound mixed with drum-heavy beats, they were my bet as one of the bands that would sound good live. They commenced the actual dancing with Hold Tight, Kick & Perfect.
  • Avalanche City – Adorable! The refresher for the whole afternoon with it’s endearing percussion & violin accompaniment along with lyrics everyone sang along to. I loved singing along to Sunset — super good vibes.
  • Tully On Tully – Also among my “looking-forward-to-hear-live” bands. The vocalist was so good. We even waved at her while she was performing & she smiled at us! They did not disappoint at all! Stay was exactly as The Dork & I imagined.
  • Up Dharma Down – We finally saw them live without my bag getting snatched this time (referring to their album launch where I almost got robbed on the way). Super happy they played Indak & it was put-your-hands-up-in-the-air time during Turn It Well. All the couples around us started cuddling & kissing during Tadhanda. Awkward.
  • Nada Surf – By this time, all the heat, dancing & loud speakers got to me. They got the older crowd going while I went out to buy a gourmet hotdog from Schmidt’s as my ears were practically begging for a break. Popular & Always Love were crowd pleasers, nevertheless.
  • Neon Trees – Mad respect! Their vocalist was like an incarnation of Freddie Mercury (“he’s so gay, I love it!”) complete with microphone flinging/crowd surfing & the female drummer was too cool for words! Got us jumping up & down to (what else) Animal.

And then…there was Temper Trap. We looked around & were taken aback at how many people came in for their set only. While waiting, we bet on what their opening number would be. I predicted it would be Fader or London’s Burning, but nope, the keyboard intro from Love Lost (really good choice) started playing & they billowed from the smoke & The Dork & I were screaming like crazies along with the crowd. THEY SOUNDED SO SURREAL, SO CINEMATIC, ALMOST AMBIENT. “They sound exactly like they do when you listen to them through earphones!” shouted The Dork. Allow me to share my favourite parts from their set.

Crossed my fingers that they’d play Science of Fear & they did! Dougy started singing right? And the crowd doesn’t even notice the bass still being set up. And then in the middle of the first verse he went “F*ck this shit, we’ll wait for the bass to get fixed because you deserve to hear this song in its perfect form.” I think I died of so much kilig. The song was played with so much intensity! SHET.

Trembling Hands was an unearthly moment — all white lights, ascending vehemence, their silhouettes. It gave me the goosebumps.

The band played these too: Fader, Happiness, Rabbit Hole, Soldier On, Miracle, Ressurrection, Drum Song.

They ended the set with, what else, Sweet Disposition. This song is overrated as heck but you cannot deny a good tune, what more when you hear it live. That moment had me tearing up & it made holding someone’s hand an (excuse the clichéd term) infinite moment.

With the song soaring & the confetti falling, it was hands-down, one of those days I’d never regret. I FELT SO ALIIIVEEE!!! May 18, 2013 is etched in my memory forever.

I’m in the music events business as well & I truly, truly commend Karpos Multimedia for a job well done & an event so well-executed. They really know their market & logistics. If there would be a Wanderland 2014, I would not regret going again.

Cheese note: Quite lucky to be blessed with someone who has the same level of musical appreciation & understanding. Technical stuff, artistic aspects, everything. I officially dub that music festivals, plays & concerts were made for you & me.


2 comments on “Wanderland Music Festival 2013: Infinite Weekend

  1. Katrina
    May 22, 2013

    Grinning because of the last photo. Haha. Miss you both!

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