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Yabu: House of Super Duper Legit Katsu

The thing about Japanese restaurants in the Philippines that bothers me is its authenticity as most of them create a JaPinoy fusion for their menus. Personally, I like my food simple but good. It’s like my theory on cake: the more artisan it is, the less tasty. I’d settle for a slice of plain chocolate cake over fancy-schmancy pétit fours, no matter how pretty they look. Straightforward food is almost, always better.

Which leads me to the simplicity of fried food. There’s meh fried food — soggy & dripping in oil. And then there’s (cherry blossoms falling in the wind in slow motion) Yabu’s katsu. Breaded food is turned into a delicate art in this establishment. Not exaggerating on the “art” portion of my description.


I shudder at the thought of their katsu — cutlets of your meat of choice enfolded in batter, special Japanese panko (breadcrumbs) & then deep fried to per-freaking-fection. I kid you not. Each bite starts with a foreplay of crunchy crumbs, followed by a penetration of the flavour of the meat & ending with the orgasm of the batter melting away inside your mouth. Food porn it is, readers!!! I am this enamoured with it!!!

There’s a katsu for everybody: pork, chicken, seafood (prawn, oysters, squid, fish, scallops). A katsu set is composed of your meat of choice along with unlimited miso soup, Japanese rice, Japanese cabbage & a siding of fruits & pickled vegetables. At a price range of around 300-500 per set, it’s truly value for your money since it fills you up the way a buffet does. They also serve katsu curry & mixed katsu sets for variety.

My last time to eat at Yabu was with my friends one Sunday afternoon & our meal lasted for 3 hours. We had to pace ourselves & enjoyed every bit of it. Be warned, you have to wait for quite some time as the place is always filled to the brim with diners.


My lovely food buddies

My lovely food buddies

I didn’t get to take any food photos as we were all busy moaning, groaning & rolling our eyes back in bliss, but let me describe my favourite parts of the meal: (1) Prior to eating, there is a ritual of grinding sesame seeds in a bowl which releases a beautifully appetizing aroma & is quite therapeutic. You then add some tonkatsu sauce, mix with chopsticks & tah-dah, your dip! (2) The unlimited shredded cabbage with sesame dressing. We had, what, 5 servings each?! We were tempted to take the bottle home. Their rice gets special mention as well — the texture is divine. (3) The first bite. Be it the huge Japanese oyster or the pork, it always generates profanities. In Ilonggo. Always.


Leftovers from my 180g chicken katsu for lunch

Their servers are attentive, well-trained & heck, we just love them. I am a sucker for well-trained staff. Everything about this restaurant lives up to its media hype.

Yabu is one of my favourite restaurants hands down — the kind I will undoubtedly recommend to everyone. With a sea of restaurants here in Manila, coming back to one is quite a huge deal. I actually dream about their food (which is creepy) & my handful of cravings will haunt me. Which means I will inevitably be coming back for more.

Yabu: House of Katsu is located at SM Megamall, 2nd Floor, Mega Atrium. Open daily during mall hours.


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