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Milky & Sunny: Straightforward Breakfast

Cue the Natasha Bedinglfield song.

Milky & Sunny is a pocketful of sunshine! Notice about how even here, I always seek the path less taken when it comes to eating. This endless fascination for going out of my way to places that promise good food & need some effort in looking for it. It always brings me the biggest thrill! When I get there, there is this big smile on my face like I achieved world peace or banned fake Longchamp bags or something.

If you are a friend, you would know that breakfast food renders me weak at any occasion. Thus the night visit to Kapitolyo where M&S is located. You could easily miss it but the doodled signage caught my eye right away. I stepped inside the blue & white interiors peppered with whimsical bits here & there.


IMG_3427 Interestingly, the art work displayed is for sale

Companion & I were hungry & we decided to order from the very no-fuss menu. They serve breakfast, plain & simple.

IMG_3429I already did my research (yes I do that before I embark on an eating spree) & decided that red velvet pancakes were going in my belly for dinner. Imagine my disappointment when the waitress told me the two words I dread most at restaurants: NOT AVAILABLE.

I calm myself down & listen to my hungry escort order a Breakfast Big Plate (Php250) — a choice of bacon, hotdog, sausage, spam or corned beef + toast, pancake or bagel + your choice of eggs and hashed browns included. Adding up to the equation was a vanilla milkshake.

IMG_3433I on the other hand ordered some eggs benedict (Php150) — an english muffin floating beautifully atop hollandaise sauce & topped with a slice of ham, tomatoes, spinach leaves & an egg with herbs. Coming from a person who finds it difficult to make sunny side up (what more poached) eggs, the yolk was perfect. I particularly liked the spinachy aftertaste.

IMG_3434I just felt the need to satisfy my pancake cravings so the strawberry cream cheese pancakes (Php140) was the next best thing. Cream cheese makes everything better, I tell you!

IMG_3437Look at that literal scoop of butter! The pancakes, all three pieces, were indeed fluffy & a strawberry-cream cheese concoction added with syrup was pancake glory.

The weekday night time visit gave us the place all to ourselves unlike breakfast time or weekends which, is always full-house as I am told.


What a nerd

Visit Milky & Sunny at 9 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig. Open daily at 7 AM-10 PM.


3 comments on “Milky & Sunny: Straightforward Breakfast

  1. Ida Vecino
    May 18, 2013

    Hi! Do you know how to get to Milky and Sunny from UP Diliman? 😀

    • jillianisyourfriend
      May 20, 2013

      I guess you can ride an MRT & stop at Shaw, that’s the nearest station to Kapitolyo. You can ride a cab or jeep to the place, it’s quite near but a little tiring if i-walk gid 🙂 I just Google-mapped the place during my first time.

  2. Ida Vecino
    May 20, 2013

    I usually Google-map too but idk why ngaa wala ko ni gin Google map hahaha anyhow thank you!

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