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V Weddings: Shameless Plugs

This blog over here has added a few opportunities (and pesos) in my life.

Discovering, experiencing & writing about food was never, ever work. One of my former schoolmates told me he was surprised to see my face in the contributors section of a magazine. Why yes, yes I do get published as well. And those are priceless experiences I treasure. All thanks to high school English teacher recommendations and the editors of:

7069604427_8520a4f350_z 75898_492899144083263_1929559278_n

V Weddings is to me, the premiere wedding magazine in the Visayas. Grab a copy for informative articles if you are a bride/debutate to-be or wannabe. You can see my little contributions for their catering, venue & eating destination sections.

Strangely, some of my freelance work (and current job) revolve a lot around weddings. But I get stuck with food (and music) so who am I to complain!

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