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Weekenders: Wildflour & da.u.de

I did quite a lot of thinking if I should continue writing about my small food adventures since a lot of Iloilo based people read this & might be a little disappointed I don’t update them regarding the food scene at home anymore. Sadly, I’m too far to do that & I cannot stand not documenting whatever I cram up my expanding gut. Therefore, I’ll be occasionally using this as an outlet/chronicle of my weekend foodscapades.

This week was a long, sad one so The Dork & I decided to unwind from the #yuppielyf and bust our budgets on a nice meal. We went out of our way by commuting to the Fort (commuting is my idea of adventure) to eat at a restaurant that has been gaining rave reviews from all the food blogs I’ve been following. Wildflour was primarily a bakery but the food was so good that it outshined the fact that it was a café slash bakery. Articles I’ve read says it was named such because it wanted to give off a hippie vibe (wildflower) but wanted to connote that it was a bakery (flour).


I think I was a little too excited, overwhelmed & the too minimalist menu (no photos which was very misleading) made me order a food set that was a little off. Read: didn’t go so well together. We ordered Banh Mi sliders (Php395), a Vietnamese sandwich composed of crispy pork, chili, veggies on brioche bread. This dish by itself was truly delicious as I can imagine it being eaten as a merienda. A good, hearty one. Next was a Tart Flambeé (Php425) flavoured with caramelized onions, bacon & Gruyeré on a thin pastry — sort of like a super duper thin crust pizza. These two alone could do a good job of enticing the buds but together was too much flavour!


Good thing we had their luxe macaroni & cheese (Php380) with yet again, Gruyeré & some cheddar. The crust on the top was our favourite. The thing that did not disappoint however were their best selling drinks as recommended by the waiters: passionfruit blended tea & a green tea mojito with pineapple & basil.


Note to self: go back to have breakfast! I truly regret not getting a Croque Madame (Php420) or their Wildflour breakfast (Php390). Oh well. Hit & miss. Take note, this place is not advisable for a date because of the poor acoustics. We were driven crazy by a woman’s donkey laughter & Taglish on the next table. Perhaps my next experience will be better as they are opening at The Podium on May.

The Dork wanted a quiet place where he can listen to his online songwriting course so a few steps away was da.u.de Tea Lounge. It’s pronounced as da you deh in case you were wondering like we did. I was tickled pink because I’ve read excellent reviews about this place as well & I am all for tea places.


da.u.de is the dream project of the Philippine’s first Certified Tea Master. I liked how the place was not too modern but not too girly either. Just the right amount of kitsch. They offer tea-infused food in their menu (reasonably priced, I must say) but it was after dinner & we just wanted a warm cup of tea to take things easy. They even have teas spiked with alcohol! I cannot love this place enough.

I asked for the specialty of the house which was Skala tea while he got mint chocolate. You may opt to get you teas iced, hot or carbonated. The waiter (slow clap for them, they were so attentive & nice!) told us to get a small size (Php100) as it can be refilled. If this was not enough, they even have cute mustache teacups & super cool filters.



Heck, even the soap in the washroom was infused with tea! Definitely putting this on my list of favourites. I think I may like this place more than (gasp) TWG! The blasphemy!

Okay dinner capped off with a wonderful tea experience & twirling around the streets like a lunatic. Wonderful Friday night.

Wildflour Bakery + Café & da.u.de Tea Lounge is located at G/F Net Lima Building, 4th Ave. & 26th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.


3 comments on “Weekenders: Wildflour & da.u.de

  1. Anon
    April 22, 2013

    It’s really nice to read new inputs from you Jill! I must say, I missed your blog.

    Mind sharing the other food blogs you’re following? Thanks!

    • jillianisyourfriend
      April 23, 2013

      I miss updating as well! I enjoy these (mostly recipe sites though):


      The rest, I just read about on spot.ph or munchpunch.com!

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