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Manila Food & Wine Festival: Food Truck Wars

It’s been months since I touched this thing!

Here I am, gaining weight thanks to the endless possibilities, nooks & crannies of places to eat at my new home for almost five months. All those kilos I lost during my musical theater stint are long gone. I haven’t the time to write really, as my job entails me to work even on Sundays, holidays & lets me have absolutely no time to blog. So does my lack of proper equipment (camera & a stable internet connection at my apartment). But yesterday, I attended an event that really got my foodie spirit going, my blood spiking, my stomach rumbling & my heart fluttering. Aside from live music, food really gets me palpitating.

mfwf-banner-all-1The Manila Food & Wine Festival was an impromptu invitation from my water-selling, future chef friend (whose name is overused in my posts), Homa. When she texted the words “food truck,” I was sold. The concept of food trucks is very exciting for I who love anything fresh, delicious & unusual. Dining out is lovely, but this is real dining out. And food trucks are known for their appetizing food of all kinds. Lucky for me, the day’s event for work was just at SMX. Meant to be!

It went this way: six celebrity chefs each had their truck with different cuisine & you get to vote for your favourite by buying a ticket which entitled you to get their signature dish for P350. There was a (1) bagnet truck, (2) a dumpling truck, (3) chicken wings truck, (4) sausage truck, (5) sandwich truck & (6) a sushi truck. My food truck experience started alone as my friend was busy selling stuff so I made my way over the reg table & chose which cuisine I’d be having. I wanted everything! But since I ate a hefty meal prior to the event (ugh stupid) & due to limited budget constraints (hey, it’s a week after salary day), I decided to grab the two most appealing to me: Chef Robby Goco’s Porchetta truck & Chef Florabel Co-Yatco’s gourmet sausage truck. Grease! Meat! Flavour!




But sad to say Chef Florabel’s was sold out & my heart just sank. All those sausages in different flavours with her homemade chips! The breakfast sausage most especially 😦 But not to worry as my sandwich was still on its way. So I made my way to the truck.

IMG_2497 IMG_2499Knowing Chef Goco (of Cyma fame) & his servings, I knew I’d still be satisfied. Happy when my porchetta with egg arrived. I unwrapped it in all its glory & inspected it.  Pork belly seasoned with herbs, some onions & arugula, then stuffed with pork loin after which it was rolled and roasted to a crisp. It was enclosed in perfectly warmed ciabatta bread & had baked potatoes on the side. What made the experience better was the choices of sauce that went with it. I got 3 out of the 4: aioli, salsa verde & avjar. Huge-ass size & huge-ass flavour. Had to down it with a Coke!



Badly wanted to try Chef Sau del Rosario (Food Garage, Villa Café & that Selecta Gold ice cream commercial), Chef Marvin Agustin (Sumo Sam & Jolina Magdangal love team forevz) as well as Chef Bruce Lim‘s (Food Network & chicken waaangs) food too but I was positively full. As I waited for Homa, I spent it laughing on a corner alone (with potatoes in my mouth) thanks to the hosts, Tuesday Vargas & Ramon Bautista. Super funny!

I am such a dork & I go fangirling over your not so usual stars with One Direction status: drummers of the 70’s, theatre musical actors & here, celebrity chefs. So here I am with my kilig smile with Chef Sau del Rosario eee!


Needless to say, it was a wonderful food-filled, hot chef-filled (half naked ones) & laughter-filled event.


2 comments on “Manila Food & Wine Festival: Food Truck Wars

  1. St. Alia of the Knife
    March 14, 2013

    Welcome back!

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