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Birthday Dinner: Ayanna Garden Restaurant

Belated happy birthday to me!

I always look forward to dinners on my birthday because, well, for one, I won’t be the one spending and two, it always seems to be more special than usual. For this year, I decided to go far from the city & to the outskirts of Oton. No, I did not eat at a talabahan. You might be surprised at what you could find.

If you haven’t heard of Sheridan Boutique Resort then perhaps it’s time to pay a visit. I only knew of this when I was tasked to write on a feature for a wedding magazine & was served their restaurant specialties. I was smitten. With both the place & the food. So I vowed to go back on my birthday & so I did.

Sheridan houses Ayanna Garden Restaurant which is open daily. You may choose to dine by the lagoon or in the indoor dining area. We did the latter & what do you know, we were the only people to dine there. It felt like we had the whole place booked which was pretty cool. I love the Balinese-inspired interiors of the place & the way the servers were trained to cater to the guests. I was handed the menu & my parents gave me the “do what you do best” look & order I did.

I considered my dad (who has diabetes) so I steered clear of steakhouses & such. Ayanna serves mainly Asian fusion dishes with seafood as specialty. We love our salad so we got a serving of Orange & Pepper Tuna (Php290) — red wine vinaigrette, parmesan shavings, feta cheese, balsamic reduction & parmesan aioli with panseared tuna cutlets & prawn that were simply divine. Brother couldn’t stop raving about it.

We also ordered a specialty: Organic Chicken Cocido (Php375) — native chicken stew with Spanish chorizo & vegetables. What made the dish interesting is that it had its resepective pairings: salted eggs, grilled eggplant salsa & spicy tomato sauce. Like wine, the chicken gives off a different aftertaste when paired with a certain side.

My siblings & I will simply die without red meat so a pork dish was to follow. Jason insisted I order the grilled Honey Pork Belly (Php280) — homemade barbecue ribs glistening gloriously in its sauce which had us comparing it to Bourbon’s ribs. Turns out they have the same chef/consultant!

In between bites, we washed it down with their Iced Tea by the Carafe, which was house blend tea with tropical fruits, on serving good for two.

The parents who are now converted into health buffs, ordered Managat (Php375). You could opt to have it garlic fried or grilled & it comes with Two Mango Relish (loved this one!) and Lemon Butter sauce (Ma had the butter taken out, nooo!) to go with it.

What I loved best was the Smoked Bangus Pasta (Php285). Pasta can be really boring & I think white-sauce based ones are for the least adventurous. Thank goodness they had a good set of pasta dishes & I ordered this one — penne with extra virgin olive oil, garlic chips, chili & parmesan shavings & bangus bits. The flavour was so refreshing & I have a penchant for food that isn’t too rich anyway.

I knew in my soul that I had to order the Ube Halea Cheesecake (Php155) again — purple yam atop a dark chocolate cookie crust. But my heart broke when the waitress told me it wasn’t available. I opted for the Cashew & Pineapple Spring Rolls (Php150), enclosed along with Guimaras mango & topped with mantecado ice cream. Not bad either but I really wanted that cheesecake.

Lovely surroundings, lovely food, company of my family. I was indeed a happy girl. Other dishes I recommend that weren’t shown here: New Zealand Saffron Mussels (Php330), Smoked Tangigue & Artichoke Pate (Php170), Sea Bass & Prawns (Php550).

Ayanna Restaurant is open daily at lunch & dinner time. Landmark is Total gasoline station before reaching Oton plaza. Go straight off the main road & to the narrow road, Sheridan is located at the right side. Contact them at 337 36 24 or visit them on Facebook here.

Special mention: Thanks Ice for my birthday dress!


One comment on “Birthday Dinner: Ayanna Garden Restaurant

  1. Em Trava (@omfgitsem)
    September 10, 2012

    I didn’t know a place like this existed! Lapit lang gali sa amon. Will visit this place soon hihi. 🙂

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