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Bon Appetea: Variety Galore

And the milk tea craze continues! If wide, and I mean really wide variety is what you look for, then Bon Appetea might be your next favourite hang out place.

Bon Appeatea is adorned with orange & violet bricks but once you step inside, the generic green interiors scream “ermingard, teaaaaa!”

All their milk teas are priced between Php50-110 only & that includes the pearls already! The variety is as follows:

  • Milk Teas (Php70 for M; Php80 for L)
  • Fruit Teas (Php50-60 for M; Php60-70 for L)
  • Frappes (Php90 for M; Php100 for L)
  • Salt & Cheese Foam (Php100 for M; Php110 for L)
  • Yakult Tea (Php70 for M; Php80)
  • Sinkers (Php10-15 if you want more than pearls)

Their teas have very interesting combinations such as Jasmine Green Tea & Lychee or Assam Black Tea with Toffee & Hazelnut. Their names were interesting too. Order Buddha’s Tears Fruit Tea when you feel like mixing in your own tears! Or feeling kinky? Get a Karamel Sutra with Salt & Cheese! Need something extra refreshing? A Peachsicle Milk Tea might do the trick!

I ordered a large Butterscotch Mousse with Salt & Cheese Foam (Php110) & loved the contrast of molasses-flavoured tea, salty foam & soft pearls.

Went well with my roasted vegetable & beef wrap that I made myself

Companion got a large cup of the sexy Moroccan Nights (Php80) — a Jasmine Green Tea & Peppermint blend. Instead of his pearls, he added Php5 to upgrade into caramel jelly.

Left our marks on their post-it covered wall! Find mine!

Bon Appetea is located beside Hotel del Rio, where Afrique’s was formerly found & is open from 10 AM to 10 PM.


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