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Balamban Liempo: Tastier Than Lechon

I’ve heard there’s this place in Cebu that gets a looong line just for it’s liempo. What’s so special about it anyway? Liempo’s just pork made even more sinful. But a friend — complete with sparkling eyes & sighs — insisted it tasted different. When I heard it was now here in Iloilo, I had to try it for myself.

Alta Tierra Subdivision in Jaro is now home to Balamban Liempo. What makes it so special? The grilling process is made special because it’s filled with their secret herbs & spices. I loved how it smelled & the illusion of eating “healthy” liempo.

At Php185 you get fresh, delicious herbed liempo! Did the herbs make a difference? Indeed it did. From the moment you get in your car with the plastic, you could smell it in all its herby glory. There was a fresh aftertaste long after you stopped indulging. We had to eat it with our hands — rice, sawsawan & all — because it was so juicy & differently delicious. Consider this for your next take out! They close at 9 PM daily.

I have yet to try their lechon manok (Php165) which is prepared in the same way.


One comment on “Balamban Liempo: Tastier Than Lechon

  1. St. Alia of the Knife
    July 17, 2012

    Looks like the liempo from Chic-Boy.. the pork over there was my-tee tasty and I’m sure this one is, too. BTW, have you tried the grilled burgers over at WHITE HAUS on Mission Road?

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