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Cilantro: Healthy & Yummy Viet Cuisine

In case some of you don’t know, I am beyond fascinated by musicals & Miss Saigon is one of my ultimate favourites. Set in wartime Vietnam, its songs echo ricefields, bars & dudes named Thuy. What’s not to love! My fascination for now Ho Chi Minh city led me to try their food.

When I think of Vietnamese food, pho, glass noodles & spring rolls enter my mind. I got all these & more at Cilantro: Flavours of Vietnam. Apparently it’s a Vietnamese restaurant. A day of catching up with Federic & Cathleen always entails food & thank goodness it wasn’t KFC. Federic drove us one gloomy afternoon at the Jalandoni-Delgado streets & we were excited upon catching a glimpse of the signage. Upon stepping inside, its interiors were simple but fitting.

Was happy to know that it was very, very affordable. Their menu marked which dishes were the specialty so we (fine, I) decided to order the special dishes. For starters, we got the Goi Cuon, fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce (Php68/3 pcs). We were laughing at how it looked like the shrimp was trapped in the transaprent wrapper & joked how it was crying for mercy (with matching tiny voices). It was okay & I really didn’t catch any distinct flavour.

Next up was, what else but Pho Bo or Beef Pho (Php88 for big size). Cathleen loved how it tasted creamy despite the beef. The noodles, beef, soup & veggies went together so well, I might add it to my list of “Soups I Need To Eat When I’m Sick.”

I was surprised at how Hainanese chicken rice showed up in the menu! I thought its origins were Singaporean or Malaysian but after further research, I found out they serve it in Viet cuisine as well. We ordered a serving of Hainan Ga (Php88), three parts of chicken with rice. We enjoyed its sauce & the softness of boiled chicken. Federic insisted he try the Singaporean Chicken Rice (Php98) which was pretty much the same but with different sauces. It was just as good & succulent.

Hainan Ga or Hainanese Chicken

Singaporean Chicken Rice

Also got curious about the Vietnamese Coffee (Php45) that was being served! They separated the milk from the coffee & it was served with a metal strainer that allowed the coffee to drip as you wait for it to cool down. You mix it together & pour over ice & oh my Dju Vui Vay! It was delish & went well with the dishes we ate.

The cuisine is known to be healthy as well as delicious so health buffs, hello!

We smelled like noodles & herbs the whole afternoon. Love it. Cilantro is found near Fine Rock Hotel & across the Mormon church & is open from 10 AM to 8 PM.


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