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A Toast to the USA: Wine Tasting Event

The current toast (pun intended) of the Iloilo food scene is Iloilo Supermart’s Made in USA — a month-long event where the best products from the land of stars & stripes will be made available at all its branches. Aisles teeming with imported meat, new stuff for snackage & most hopefully tons of Pop Tarts & Tropical Punch Kool Aid (staple favourites that I regularly can’t find here) — how could you not visit their groceries!

In line with this, I was invited for a wine tasting event at The Venue yesterday. Since the same company owns The Avenue, they had their own celebration with the “best of American food & beverage” as well. For starters, their marketing department invited friends of the owner, media & bloggers of the city.

The whole afternoon, we were treated to a lovely array of pairings & bottles of Beringer — Napa Valley premier wine. I for one have but elementary knowledge about wine but here with all the lingering aftertastes, nice conversation & appetizingly delicious finger food, it made for a very enjoyable event.

For their red wines, we were given Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon & Red Moscato. Each had their own distinct bouquets, colour & aftertaste after grabbing a bite of a particular pairing. The Cabernet was quite fruity & strong & burned at the first quick sip. But a few bites of cheese, bread & tuna plus a little swirling made a rich & dark fruity taste. The Syrah was slightly sweeter & tasted amazing with grapes & other meats like the sisig in lettuce. The Red Moscato was not as sweet as dessert wine but provided a level of sweetness that tasted lovely with other fruits, nuts & well, almost everything.

I’m not much of a wine drinker so I choose whites if possible which is why the light White Moscato left a mark on my heart & tastebuds. My friend Ariel told me whites are good with anything spicy, flavourful or grilled. So I took the liberty of gorging up Angus in nachos, con carne bruschetta, vegetables in a spicy syrup of sorts then grilled pineapple & pepper skewers. I wasn’t talking for a while because I was immensely loving the flavour party in my mouth.

Lookies! I’m with Nong Jor aka Flavours of Iloilo!

Thanks to Iloilo Supermart, The Venue, this event & particularly their Marketing staff! If you want to try out their wine selection of excellent California wine, stocks will be available the whole month at all branches. Cheers.

5 comments on “A Toast to the USA: Wine Tasting Event

  1. Kat Gadong
    July 6, 2012

    How timely for the 4th of July season! I feel bad to be missing the chance to grab EVERYTHING in that section of the grocery store! :)) Wait, how are the prices for the products anyway?

    Miss you, Jilly!

    P.S. Omg wine-tasting man ang theme sang next few blog entries ko since we went to this place teeming with vineyards over the weekend.

    • jillianisyourfriend
      July 6, 2012

      Duh, you’re in America to do legit American grocery shopping! I’ll be looking out for those posts soon, love!

      • Kat Gadong
        July 7, 2012

        But it’s so expensive here! Hahaha. Hoping they sell the products at a cheaper price there! 🙂

  2. Nadine Diamante
    July 7, 2012


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