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You’ll Never Know Till You Try

It’s been a month of job hunting, theater injuries & a whole lot of adjusting to change. It hasn’t been easy but there’s always food to back you up. I tried a couple of things that sounded strange but just keep your mind open when it comes to eating, you never know what you can find!

  • Krispy Kansi from Sulod Lang

Maybe you haven’t heard of Sulod Lang’s pata concoction which has everyone ignoring their arteries’ cries for mercy. Sulod Lang is a roadside restaurant located in Cuartero, Jaro & is often fully booked for diners & take out-ers. I am introduced to their Krispy Kansi, a very Ilonggo dish with a twist. Plain ole kansi is beef stew, but this took me by surprise. Paired with steaming hot rice & a bowl of pata, this is triple sinful! Along with its delicious sauce & good price (Php145 with rice & good for 1-2), it’s something worth craving for.

  • Milk tea ice cream from FIC

I know for a fact that Misono Express (formerly Crave) in Jalandoni Street in Jaro sells FIC products, but one tarpaulin caught my eye. They sold Milk Tea ice cream to keep up with the new trend of beverages! I know that they sell a variety of flavours but this definitely caught my interest. I went inside one day to ask for a scoop but they only had it in pints. Well I bought it (Php165) & was surprised at how it tasted like the real thing! I shared it with my theater buddies & they liked it just as much. Perfect for milk tea lovers or those adventurous with their ice cream flavours.

Photos taken with an iPod.


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This entry was posted on June 28, 2012 by in Food.
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