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Tonino’s Ristorante: Terrace Dining

People have been bugging me to check this place out but I had a little difficulty finding it. But unemployed as I am, I had the liberty to go out one day & look for it.

Inside Locsin Subdivision in Jaro is an Italian bistro-type restaurant. I decided to catch up with my friend Jeza, who like me, is up for going inside crevices of a city to look for something new to eat. A sign from a place that looked like a house greeted us.

Breezy & I have a feeling the place looks pretty at night. So I move on to ordering. I always try to order specialties whenever I eat somewhere new. I tried ordering the Chef’s Burger with everything on it (Php125) but to our dismay, it wasn’t available. The waiter suggested their Baby Back Ribs (Php275) — something I heard people told me to try as well. It came with special BBQ sauce & a choice of rice or mashed potatoes. We added a plate of Pasta Cardinal (Php150), a plate of pasta in white sauce with two kinds of mushroom with fish croquettes & a slice of garlic herbed bread.

While waiting, I checked out the rest of the menu & to me, it was a little expensive than usual:

  • Antipasti – Bruschetta, Cripsy Pata or Beef Nachos with a range between Php75-390
  • Chef’s Specials – Back Ribs, Ox Tongue or Chicken for Php175-275
  • Pasta – Carbonara, Bolognese & such for Php150+
  • Sandwiches & Burgers – Shareable burgers for prices between Php65-300
  • Other side dishes, desserts & drinks
The order took a very long 20-30 minutes to arrive. Meanwhile, the chef was kind enough to introduce himself to the tables & ask us if it was our first time there. Finally, our food was served by very attentive & polite waiters.

Tonino’s Pasta Cardinal

Tonino’s special ribs

The pasta was cooked al dente & the sauce lacked a little something in the flavour department, but I am not quite sure what. The croquettes were a nice touch as the mushrooms were as well. As for the ribs, it was indeed soft & tender, but my companion commented that it was too sweet for her. For me on the other hand it was fine. All in all it was an “okay” dining experience.

Would I come back? Maybe just to try that burger but to go.

Tonino’s Ristorante is located inside Locsin Subdivision in Cuartero, Jaro. Open for lunch, dinner & for catering. Call 320 66 45.


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