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Recipe: Chocolate Dipped Cracker Sandwiches

Till the end of time, I will never be a fan of anything too sweet. I repeatedly say that I enjoy dessert or snackage that has a little contrast in flavor like lemon cakes or sea salt caramel ice cream — which is why this recipe I made had me addicted to it like crack.

Here, I took the liberty of synthesizing a mix of creamy peanut butter, the tang of strawberry jam, the salt of a cracker & a bittersweet slathering of dark chocolate. Presenting my Chocolate Dipped Cracker Sandwiches! They didn’t look as smooth as I wanted them to be (I really have a problem with baking & its ingredients) but one bite had me getting ten more pieces. My brothers love it as well & I hope you do too. Sorry if I had no specific measurements, I always use estimation.

  • Fita or Ritz crackers
  • Peanut butter & strawberry jam (I used Goober, peanut butter with strawberry jam)
  • Melting chocolate (I used dark)
  • Wax paper or aluminum foil

Tried making a cooking tutorial but ew, no.

  1. If your peanut butter & strawberry jam is separate, mix very well together in a bowl. If your peanut butter is like mine, keep as is. Spread on a cracker, make sure that the ratio is not too much or too little. Cover with another cracker. Place on wax paper or aluminum foil & get it ready for dipping.
  2. Melt the chocolate using a double broiler. Since there wasn’t any available broiler, I filled a large saucepan with water & put a smaller saucepan on top. Divide your chocolate into smaller blocks & place on the smaller saucepan & melt till smooth.
  3. Dip or spread the chocolate on the cracker & then place on wax paper or aluminum foil. Use a spatula if you have to (my big mistake was not using one).
  4. Refrigerate till chocolate hardens & enjoy!

I swear to Jesus, they taste perfect!


3 comments on “Recipe: Chocolate Dipped Cracker Sandwiches

  1. Tin
    June 21, 2012

    Have you tried making a ganache? I think it will spread more easily and cover your crackers better. ^_^

    I like the idea of the peanut butter filling. ^_^

    • jillianisyourfriend
      June 22, 2012

      Oh dear, I really can’t handle baking ingredients but I might try that out sometime!

      • Tin
        June 22, 2012

        The recipe I follow is fairly easy: heat 1 tbsp butter, 3 tbsp milk and 3/4 c. cream + pour on 8 oz. chocolate chips + let sit for 5 minutes then stir until smooth ^_^

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