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Trea House: Finally, Milk Tea

Hearing complaints from people about the lack of a legit milk tea place in dark Iloilolandia probably gave birth to Trea House.

Before Moonleaf opens soon, Trea House is here to cater to everyone’s milk tea needs. It claims to be a happy place & upon stepping inside, the green & yellow interiors dictated so. Also the fact that I was with the person whose CD was playing in the background! My brother & I couldn’t stop laughing at how an awkward scene it was! Thumbs up for supporting local music (and giving me a hearty laugh).

I stopped laughing for a while & checked out the menu. So happy how the variety was so awesome!

  • Milk Tea: Homemade, Wintermelon, Taro, Chocolate, Cookies & Cream at Php69-89
  • Fruit Tea: Lemon, Green Apple, Wintermelon at Php78
  • Rock Salt & Cheese: Cocoa, Cookies & Cream, Redbean, Black Tea at Php73-96
  • Hot Tea (refillable oh my god): Assam, Ceylon, Earl Grey, Jasmine & Oolong at Php150
  • Yummy Yakult: Lemon, Black Tea, Green Tea at Php79-89
  • Latte (infused with tea): Caramel, Vanilla & Redbean at Php92-99

You can even control the the strength (strong or mild), sweetness (no sugar to 100%) & kind of jelly (honey aloe, pearl to caramel jelly) you put in! Amazeballs.

The Wintermelon Milk Tea (Php85) was very creamy & didn’t taste like some powdered drink along with its soft pearls. The Yakult Green Tea (Php89) was tangy & refreshing — for those who want nothing too sweet. And the Black Tea Rock Salt & Cheese (Php73) was wonderfully milky with a contrasting aftertaste which was a delight. Each one good to the last sip. And the cup sizes were big for its price, totally sulit!

Endorser smile fail

Go ahead & get your happiness in a cup at Trea House at the 2nd Floor Red Square Complex at Smallville from 3 PM-12 MN. Grand opening is on May 5, 2012 in the afternoon.


3 comments on “Trea House: Finally, Milk Tea

  1. Kat
    May 2, 2012

    Thank you for posting this. Milk teaaa!!! Hihi. The place looks promising, I should give it a try! I guess I better visit Smallville soon, damu na gid nami nga new places. 🙂

    I also highly suggest that if you are in Robinsons, you should try Mang Cha-a, just a stall located outside National Bookstore. Their Wintermelon milk tea (for 55php only!) is perfection, just like Moonleaf’s! I’d have to taste Trea House’s though, before I can say which one’s better.

    Excited for ALL the milk teas I could drink! Hahaha. See ya ’round! ❤

  2. Nadine
    May 10, 2012

    so, your ‘ what i wore’ section is back! and, you went there that same afternoon. haha. yakult green tea sounds interesting.

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