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Fuel: Fueling Passion With Snowballs & Shows

We’re all busy people & sometimes we quite forget what living is all about. Sure, we exist, but sometimes we don’t live.

I’ve been caught up in too many things & before I knew it, I reached the age of 18 & realized I needed to pursue what I truly wanted before the real world consumed me. Suddenly I found myself taking deep breaths, raring to go on auditions, wanting get over my shyness (I still am, really) & get back onstage to sing again. I did. I may not be the best at it, but I’m at my happiest when I am. That’s why pursuing passion is close to my heart — and so is Fuel’s movement.

Fuel.ph is a social movement that seeks to inspire, encourage, & provoke young people to go after their passions. Iloilo City is home to so much homegrown talent especially in the arts but sadly gets little support from the government or the residents themselves. I know this feeling firsthand. Good thing there is a venue to make everybody aware as well as meet people with the same love for different forms of expression. Fuel.ph just opened a cafe of sorts where coffee, food, art & community combine. The fact that it’s stylishly cool doesn’t hurt either.

Iloilo artists featured at Fuel

But hey, they serve food! I haven’t tried any meals because I went there after lunch (operating hours start at 3 PM & is closed on Sundays). But FYI, they have meals & other kinds of food available. For example, their Indie Meal is at Php40 where you choose (1) a topping: pork or chicken, (2) sauce: spicy, nutty, zesty, curry or tangy, then (3) your rice: garlic or plain. Kiko, their Marketing Director told me to try their barbecue the next time & so I shall. He also tells me their ingredients are 90% organic which is good. Heck, they even have socially conscious meals (check out their Mom Meals at Php65). Meanwhile, I tried their summer treats.

Digging this snowball (Php40 for rainbow & Php30 for plain flavours) for the summer heat. A cheap & fun way to cool down.

What I loved about their milk tea (Php65) was that it didn’t taste commercial at all! The aftertaste was something my tongue thanked me for & the cute little jar container was uh, cute.

Urging all the passionate people to check Fuel out! Hope they can fuel your passion through inspiring you to do what you love to do & fueling you with their menu as well. Fuel is located at Door 7, Smallville Complex — where the old JAQ’s was. Watch out for performances every weekend from b-boys, poetry readers, local bands & so much more!


One comment on “Fuel: Fueling Passion With Snowballs & Shows

  1. uzijem
    May 3, 2012

    hey, look I’m in the photo! hahah! Seriously, nice review! Love the place! Will be going back here every chance I get!

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