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Big Dad’s Burger: Angus & More

I am always up for eating wherever & whenever. But it was one of those special nights where I wanted to be laidback & try something new & not worry about anything but what condiments to use, what to order & talk about anything.

I’ve always liked places that were a little offbeat, so I chose this little roadside diner at Diversion Road: Big Dad’s Burger. I don’t know what it is about burger joints naming themselves after fathers but this one (aside from Captain Dad’s) I had to try.

Beside Shell gasoline station in Diversion Road is a little nook I’ve heard about & they said it serves Angus burgers. Of course I was happy! Angus might be my next favourite burger patty next to Wagyu.

Big Dad’s serves two kinds of burgers in two sizes, 100 grams & 200 grams: the Angus Burger (Php130; Php190) & the Bacon & Cheese Burger (Php140; Php220). For an additional slice of cheese, it’s Php5. Not bad. The 100 gram patty is good enough to satisfy but I think has been left inside the freezer a little too long. It was served with a few potato wedges & a mushroom & cheese dip which I ended up putting on my burger.

They also serve sides such as shoestring potato fries (Php55), potato wedges (Php65), onion rings (Php55), fish & chips (Php95) & also buffalo wings (Php95). They even have rice bowls (Php65-88). Additional to the menu is raspberry iced tea (Php25) & milkshakes (Php50). We got melon & vanilla.

Albeit the noise in the street & the long time it took for our orders to arrive, the burgers were worth my try as I could tell they really were Angus beef. The cool wind & conversation made me oblivious to everything else.

Visit Big Dad’s Burger beside Shell in Diversion Road. Operating hours from 10 AM – 10 PM daily. For inquiries & deliveries for their frozen goods (rib eye, porterhouse, sirloin, etc.) you may call 300 32 60.


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