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Summer’s Here: Photo Filled Post

Late post!

As I am typing I am waiting for Holy Week’s fasting to end. Fasting has (sorry Jesus) been so difficult for me & everybody has experienced my crankiness because of my lack of meat in my diet! On the bright side, I’ve gotten around to exercising & concentrating on improving my vocals for upcoming shows. Chos. I can’t wait till I banish my blues away with a fat dripping burger or a slab or pork. But on a lighter note: street food for Visita Iglesia! Had my fill of sidewalk hotcakes, popcorn & bibingka. Also couldn’t help sneaking in some truffles in my meatless diet.

Blueberry crepe cake at Maridel’s is one to try

Been doing summery things with the gang. We’ve gone swimming & looked for cheap food in towns like Tigbauan.

Our bodies are the product of our appetite

We even had a grill night at my house during the last day of classes. Our menu was prepared by me, of course: Chicken & Sweet Pepper Tortilla Pizza, Garlic & Cheese Potatoes, Grilled Chops, Micah & Fed’s Beef Patties, Par’s siomai & a tub of Triple Chocolate Ice Cream from Nana. Liquor, games & everything in between gave us a night to remember.

The sexiness of pornographically dripping meat is too sexy

A couple more sem ending meals a month ago with my other set of friends at my beloved pastry chef’s home. Lemon curd cake, tea & all things lovely — including a weird set of beer pong in her room.

Another set of our dinners way back when I had cash to eat out almost everyday, gosh.

Here’s to hoping your summer’s just as food & friend-filled!

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