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Happy Kitchen: Is It, Really?

Seeing a tarpaulin outside Amigo Mall that read “Happy Kitchen” always made me curious what it was all about. I pictured a restaurant with rainbows & unicorns. That sort of thing. Maybe I’m just a little too imaginative.

After a little engagement at Amigo, I asked some companions if we could look for Happy Kitchen. We found an entrance at the back carpark & later discovered there was a door to the mall. But we like doing it the difficult way so — okay. There we were!

I found out Happy Kitchen is a 24 hour restaurant that serves sandwiches, soup, smoothies, desserts, pastries — that sort of thing. It also sells cute kitchenware.

A sort of restaurant & store in one. Judging by the name, I kind of expected more of the interiors, instead, I was greeted by subdued colours. I liked the pretty floral chairs though.

I was dissappointed that they lacked a proper menu, thus I had a hard time picking what to order. I ended up ordering a Cajun Chicken Sandwich (all sandwiches are at Php50) & my companions ordered their own: Happy Melt (the house specialty), Ham & Cheese then Tuna. Coffee & juice was also available.

Their sandwiches are small but flavourful — good for little snacks.

Must try: their Blueberry Roll! I was surprised at this one! It’s graham bits covered in a gelatinous substance that looks like thick plastic or wax paper but is actually edible! I don’t know why I got such a kick out of that one. It is then topped with cream & blueberries. A very, shall we say, strange eating experience. In a good way, though.

Happy? Well, a degree less than happy with what I tried. Try Happy Kitchen yourself to make your own verdict.

P.S. I am a lame & lazy blogger, I used my iPod yet again for this post. Hope to drag a camera with me soon. But on the other hand: Instagram anyone? Username: jillianitaas


2 comments on “Happy Kitchen: Is It, Really?

  1. Jethro
    April 15, 2012

    That sexy model in yellow shirt caught my attention. I think im in love with the dude. Ima be in this resto till we meet

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