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KGB: Korean Grill Barbecue-ing

What prompts lunch with long lost high school girlfriends amidst a busy schedule? Of course the arrival of another girlfriend!

Whenever Homa arrives, an argument ensues where the girls & I would eat. We decided on Korean Grill Barbecue (KGB) at Smallville since (1) we love our chopsticks, (2) Korean food is fascinating & (3) we haven’t tried it there yet. Thrilled by the authentic interiors, we sit down with squeals & open a gold-lined menu.


We were impressed at how helpful the menu was with its descriptions for unfamiliar diners & good photos. We ordered a handful of items:



One of my most favourite Korean dishes in, well, maybe ever, is the Beef Bulgogi (Php250) — thin slices of marinated beef that tastes smoky & sweet. It is served with banchan — six side dishes that go well with the meat. It was enough to serve around 3-4 persons. Personally, I’d like to have this on a tortilla wrap with veggies.


Bibimbap (Php120) is a mixed meal of sauteed vegetables atop rice. This is for the healthy eater who wants to get full.


Another favourite is the Buchujeon (Php150), the Korean version of a pancake which encrusts eggs, onions & scallions with a special vinegar dipping sauce. It’s fluffy & flavourful & it best served as a snack or appetizer. Again, something healthy.


We are all adamant on ordering the Korean version of sushi: Kimpab (Php100/10 pieces). I think the difference lies on the rice & the type of fillings used inside. I still prefer Japanese maki but it was nevertheless delicious. Great for a quick lunch or heavy snack.


Lastly, we demand noodles in our meal (yes, my friends & I eat more or less the same amount of carbohydrates). Ojingo Bokkum (Php280) or fresh squid which is pan-stir fried with vegetables & sauce tasted nice with the starchy noodles. A welcome treat since the squid was so tender!


Hungry friends fed with mouth-watering food & the latest juicy stories sprinkled with funny high school anecdotes equals a wonderful meal session. KGB is located at Smallville Complex beside Kopiroti & is open from 11:00 AM – 2 PM then 5:00-12 MN.


2 comments on “KGB: Korean Grill Barbecue-ing

  1. Tin
    March 30, 2012

    Have you been to Kang Byun (not sure if I spelled it properly)?

    We ate there last Sunday when they had their buffet and it was packed! (I have a new favorite Korean dish: Spicy pork!)

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