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Buho Bakery: Baking Memories

Ever heard your grandmothers or mothers saying “Bakal to tinapay sa buho! (Buy bread from the hole!)”

When I was little, I always wondered what hole they were talking about. I was unaware of this hidden treasure located on Mapa Street. All I know is the pancho, teren-teren & pan de siosa I used to eat — and I still do — was delicious. My mother & titas always bought these kinds of bread from Buho & it wasn’t until recently that I decided to look for it on my own. Well, not really since I brought Federic with me.Image


Buho Bakery used to be literally a hole in the wall back in the day. But word got around that their bread was so good that they decided to open up the wall & put up a simple bakery. The buho is still there.Image


The buho in different forms

We had a little difficulty finding it because downtown is unfamiliar ground. Feds was basically asking me where the hell I was dragging him upon getting inside a narrow graffiti-lined street. But when we arrived, a huge surge of fascination hit us both. So we decided to get mini-pancho (Php1.50/pc), ensaymada (Php4.00/pc) & teren-teren (Php8.00/roll) for ourselves. I must say that the mini-pancho is the must-try at Buho. Make sure to have your bread heated before you eat it.


As we ate inside his car, silence fills the atmosphere as we bite into soft bread with sticky, sweet filling. Instant nostalgia of those afternoons where Tita Ging would bring pancit & coke over to the house & it would be really incomplete without Buho’s bread. It was like biting opened a short film in my head. And gave me a good feeling not only in my stomach but heart as well.

And therefore I end this entry with Federic’s statement upon biting a warm piece of pancho: “Indi ko ni pag ibaylo para sa iPad or kun ano man da (I wouldn’t exchange this for an iPad or whatever)!” I agree. The simple things in life make it worth living.

Buho Bakery is located in Mapa Street near Sun Yat Sen, in a narrow street between JV Macron Sales & Celine Gee Cellphone Repair Shop.

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