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Good Grease: Matthew’s Burger Café

If there’s one thing I love, it’s eating like a dude.

And what says “dude” better than red meat? I love the feeling of chomping down a huge slab of meat with my favourite condiments sandwiched between bread to boot. And who does not love a siding of potato goodness – be it in the form of fries or wedges? A completely satisfying meal all on its own. At lunch today, I got together with the usual suspects for my weight gain. We started talking about juicy details BUT – no pun intended – (HAHAHA HI GUYS!) nothing was as juicy as what we were about to devour. Our hungry selves went ga-ga over  Matthew’s Burger Café’s specialty. What else but hamburgers!

Matthew’s opened recently near our school. They serve “burgers from around the world” — a variety of different flavoured burgers inspired by cuisine from different countries: Italy, America, India, Mexico & the Orient. At Php150 for their big & flavourful burgers, they really hit the spot. Pasta dishes (Mac & Cheese, Italian with Ratatouille, Mongolian Pasta, etc.) as well as side dishes (Burger Fried Rice, Texas-Mexican Nachos, Potato Wedges, etc.) are available on the menu within a price range of Php100-130. Gourmet coffee, smoothies & frappes priced at Php55-120 are also available for your refreshment.

They offered us a set meal of one burger, one pasta, potato wedges & red iced tea for Php290. It was shareable so we got two sets for our group of four:

Set 1: Indian burger, Italian pasta with Ratatouille, potato wedges, 1 red iced tea

Set 2: American burger, pesto pasta, potato wedges, 1 red iced tea

Set 1

Set 2

Another ordered for himself a platter of Italian Pasta with Rataouille (Php130/plate) & we were surprised it came with a burger patty too! Another companion ordered a Banana Blizzard (Php100).

The platter was good enough for 2-3 people & the burgers were tres bien in terms of taste, size & quality. The pasta perhaps may have been a little too parched & the flavours didn’t stick to the noodles so well & the potato wedges could have tasted better with more crisp. But their burgers, no doubt about it, were superb!

Matthew’s Burger Café is located at the building where Namie Japanese Restaurant is found (I still don’t know what it’s called) near Ybiernas & Delgado street & is open from 9 AM to 9 PM daily. Urging everyone near UPV or IDC to check it out!


5 comments on “Good Grease: Matthew’s Burger Café

  1. theappletizer
    January 31, 2012
  2. Kitkat
    January 31, 2012

    Kanami sang american burger :))

  3. St. Alia of the Knife
    February 27, 2012

    Hi.. I like your blog. You should do a piece on IANA’S BIG BITES. I personally think they serve the best burgers in town. And the chilli fries is a “must-eat”.

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