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Ocean City Bistro: Worth The Wait

We finally got a table at Ocean City Bistro!

My family & I had a hard time getting a table at one of the newest restaurants in Ayala Technohub as the tables were always full & the place overflowing. Ocean City has always been one of the places where the food is good & the bistro version had a better ambiance & location. So of course we were excited to try it out! So on mom & dad’s anniversary, I decided to finally get a table reservation & treat the family out to dinner.

The wait was too long because there were too many customers & there were very few waiters. The proximity of the tables were too close to each other which was slightly annoying. The wait was worth it however. Aside from old Ocean City favourites, new items were added to the menu to suit the bistro feel. I absoultely enjoyed what I ordered:

Some specialties of the house were in order: Tinapa Rice (Php150) which was a yellow rice with salted egg & sardine bits — starchy goodness which went well with all the other dishes I got. The Grilled Backribs (Php250) was surprisingly more than enough for our party of four. We all commented on how chewy & soft it was, not rubbery at all. But my favourite among them all was the Beer Battered Fish & Chips (Php170) — soft fillets wrapped in a batter that crunched so deliciously & tasted more so. The homemade potato chips & dip added to the flavours. Pure, sheer bliss with every bite.

We ordered Frozen Iced Tea (Php50) to down the food we had. A platter of Oyster Rockafeller (Php160) upped my expectations. I think buttered talaba is better though. Although the toppings were rich, they failed to enhance the oysters’ flavours. Brother ordered himself a Cheesy Bacon Burger (Php90) which was so-so. And as tradition, we order Birthday Miswa (Php140) for the special occasion & at the end of the meal, we were patting our bellies with smiles. The slow service & endless lines were definitely worth the wait. With low prices, moderate servings & delicious food, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ocean City Bistro’s tables will always be full. Wished you were here Pa!


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