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Le Rêve Deli & Café: Coffee Dreams

Basically, Micah & Innah are my go-to buddies when it comes to eating & they are probably one of the most overused names in my blog.

On a Friday like any other, we were wondering what to do on our break. The answer was of course “to eat,” but the question was, “where should we go?” We remembered to happen upon a coffee shop in Timawa Street, so amidst the wind & heat, we walk lengths in the quest of the four letter word: food. This is where we found Le Rêve Deli & Café.

Le Rêve in French means The Dream & the store was tagged as “a dream coffee shop from the heart.” I don’t get it but hey, they serve food & coffee! We order a bunch of food even though we were pretty broke & they did not dissappoint. The menu consists of iced & hot drinks (chocolate, tea, coffee, frappucinos, smoothies) as well as cakes & pastries (cookies, cakes, biscuits) along with meals & appetizers (pasta, sandwiches, international dishes). Quite complete, actually. Prices range from Php40-220.

Iced White Mocha & Green Tea Frappe

Micah got herself a Green Tea Frappe (Php90) & Mushrooms Al Ajillo (Php50). I super loved the mushrooms & wished it came with toast & the matcha frappe was very good too! We were quite surprised at the food quality.

Muhrooms Al Ajillo

Innah on the other hand got Iced White Mocha (Php75), Italian Ladyfingers (Php20/2 pcs) & some cookies (Php12/pc). The drink tasted like a bar of white chocolate & the pastries were — well, pastries. Nothing special.

Pastries & cookies

I am particular about trying to order house specialties whenever I go somewhere new so I tried a specialty drink & dish. Because I am special. Or so I like to think. I got a Le Rêve Hot Capuccino (Php70) & their Le Rêve Club Sandwich (Php148). I liked their coffee blend as it was not too strong nor too watery & the froth left a nice touch. The sandwich justified the price: it came in four cuts filled with bacon, tomatoes, egg & veggies & even came with fries.

Le Rêve Capuccino

Le Rêve Club Sandwich

UP & IDH students should come by lest they are tired of the usual spots that surround the school. It’s near, reasonable & has free wi-fi. Plus the waitresses are really, really nice! What is not to love? Le Rêve is open at 7 AM onwards & is located in Timawa Street (near the College of Dentistry area).


7 comments on “Le Rêve Deli & Café: Coffee Dreams

  1. arvee
    January 7, 2012

    Hey… I usually pass this cafe on my way home. (I’m from Molo.) The food looks inviting.♥

  2. Ira Tan
    February 9, 2012

    jillbeans! where is this? complete directions please! dying to try 🙂

    • jillianisyourfriend
      February 9, 2012

      I don’t know the exact location Ires, but it’s near the Dentistry department of Doctor’s College. At the street across, you won’t miss it.

  3. idavecino
    February 15, 2013

    I’m a fellow Iska and I just had my lunch at Le Reve. I ordered their Grilled Cheese sandwich and “it fits in the ‘okay’ description.'” Their Mushrooms al Ajilo however are worth another visit! I should probably do same of ordering house specialties even if they’re a bit pricier, not to mention their Parmesan Fish Fillet

  4. idavecino
    February 15, 2013

    I forgot to personally ask the lady (must be the owner) a while ago if they’re open on Sundays and you might happen to know

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