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Bluejay’s New Home

If you haven’t noticed, Bluejay is back in its original home: Smallville.

From its home near San Agustin, Bluejay Coffee & Deli moves to Ayala Technohub which, I think, caters more to its market: yuppies. Today I decided to have brunch & while waiting, the breeze at the open-air area was a refreshing change from my usual stuffed cafes. The insects were annoying but the view & wind was lovely.

Started my day with a Smoked Hickory Chicken sandwich (Php115) with a crust I am totally in love with, paired with my favourite Kiwi Lemonade (Php65). Companion ordered Hamburg Lasagna with hints of pesto & dripping in light tomato sauce that I enjoyed supping up (yes, I steal other people’s sauce).

Bluejay claims to have the best ensaymada in town & I can’t pass that promise up can I? So we both grab an enasymada each & forked it down. I do my eating with solemnity only I can pull off. I slice it open, gasp at the cheesy goodness & take a bite. I’m a bit dissappointed as I feel that they could have done more with the dough. I’d love it if it became softer & melted in your mouth as well as added maybe a small drizzle of condensed milk on top. But the cheese was nice & I wish I’d added coffee to my after-brunch snack.

I love the new Bluejay. Power lunch & brunches will have me coming back.


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This entry was posted on December 18, 2011 by in Food.
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