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October/November Food Diary

You cannot believe the things I went through! I actually miss sit down lunch or dinner. Ones where I don’t have to rush or order the same old pattern of appetizer & main course only. But then I’m still me — discovering what I could stuff up my mouth & taking (lame) photos in the process.

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  • Lunch at the new Ohana in Smallville
  • Moussaka from Stavros
  • Shakey’s to go
  • Lunching at Stavros (again)
  • Homemade chicken tortillas
  • Hash brown burger from Jollibee
  • Wine & dessert at Kayla’s
  • Snicker pie & Heaven & Hell at Maridel’s
  • Shepherd’s pie by Nang Gelli
  • Cinnamon rolls & apricot jam
  • More cake at Maridel’s
  • Kung Pao noodles at Hungry Ninja
  • Cashew Chicken at Krua Thai
  • Extra rice pyramid cos I’m bored
  • Garlic & cheese Chippy with a melted slice of cheddar
  • Red velvet muffcakes (as I like to call them) by Homa
  • Halloween party food comprised of huge pizza, wasabi popcorn & assorted maki

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