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Hungry Ninja: Asian Street Food

The little caricatures of cute ninjas & dinosaurs in tarpaulins caught my eye around the city a few months ago.

Little did I know a new Asian restaurant would open soon! Hungry Ninja opens its doors to anyone who looks to satisfy their pangs of, well, hunger. The super colorful interiors are total eye-candy.

Street food from Asia’s countries with the best gourmand varieties — Philippines, Japan, China, Vietnam & Thailand — are topped on your choice of noodles or rice in a bowl. Convenient, fast, filling. Everything you’d look for in a snack or meal.

The variety at Hungry Ninja appeals to most: Teriyaki Chicken, Pork & Blackbean, Oyster Chicken, Kung Pao, Pad Thai & Curry are among some of the toppings available. And the best part is, everything comes below P100! You also have the choice of having your bowl snack-size or for sharing. Not bad. And considering that it is located near schools & offices, it will definitely become a part of their routine to check it out once in awhile.

For my second visit (since my first I did not have a decent camera), we ordered Pork & Blackbean, Teriyaki Chicken & Chicken Curry. If we talk about busog, I definitely was. But I’m a little partial to fresh veggies & the ones I ate gave a hint of being frozen. But other than that, they were fine. Next up to try: their Pho!

Give your nunchucks a rest & pick up those chopsticks at Hungry Ninja, located in front of St. Paul’s Hospital, General Luna Street.


2 comments on “Hungry Ninja: Asian Street Food

  1. MJ
    April 18, 2012

    sooo cute… wish i could visit!=D

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