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Samurai Talabahan Must Tries

Yes I know I have blogged about Samurai Talabahan & it’s oyster glory back then. I manage to come back there for buttered talaba when my cousin & friends from Manila go home, but I have been bored with the usual buttery goodness I devour. So I found these instead & gosh I love them already!

  • Fried Talaba (Php100/serving)

Fried Talaba

Most people do not like steamed talaba as is because of the langsa & phlegmy texture. Thus, buttered talaba or loads of sawsawan is a saving grace for those who want to eat oysters but don’t want that raw aftertaste. But this totally blew me away. For one, I love anything deep fried & I love talaba. So put these two together & you have a yummy option for viand, snack or pulutan.
  • Bangus Sisig (Php160/serving)

Bangus Sisig

Yet another remake of a dish that I enjoy to shove down my gut. I decided to cut on my pork intake recently but I was a bit wary of fish used as sisig. But thank goodness I ordered it! A cross between adobo & sisig on the flavor meter, this is absolutely perfect with steaming rice & a side bowl of sinigang. Adding this to my list of native favourites!
Visit Samurai Talabahan at Benigno Aquino Avenue, the street in front of Smallville. Samurai opens from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily.

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