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Calda Pizza: Cebuano Thin Crust in Iloilo

I have always liked my pizza crust thin.

Thick crusts are not only totally unoriginal, but they add uncecessary busog to your system. I really don’t like it when the dough could be tasted more than the toppings themselves. And I do not like the feeling of being overly stuffed with bread as well. Which is why I’m loving Calda Pizza.

Calda Pizza originated from Cebu & is known for its thin slices & large sizes. Sulit in a pan is what it is. They have found their new location in the Vertex Buliding in Smallville Complex & I decided to visit it today. It was best to go inside since the weather was hot & the outdoor seating was uncomfortable but might be bearable at night.

Calda comes in different sizes: Regular (11″), Family (16″), XL (20″), Super (30″) & Xtra Super (36″). There is an amazing array of flavours to choose from — 25 to be exact. From classic Margherita to calzone to a Filipiniana pizza, they have something for everybody’s taste. And additional toppings are available if you want to customize your pizza.

We got for ourselves a Family size Quattro Stagione — 12 slices of four flavours on one pizza for only Php380. We added a 1.5L of Pepsi & we were good to go. Four flavours that we chose for our pie were the Calda special (salami, beef, onions, bell pepper, ham, onion), Bolognese (ground beef, onion, mushrooms), Etna (ham) & Napoletana (Italian sausage, pepperoni, ham, mushroom, bell pepper). Prices are very reasonable with regular pizzas starting at Php200 while the largest ends at a range of Php1180.

The crust helped in making me taste the toppings better. Albeit a little Pinoy on the flavor & taste meter, it was all in all a very satisfying experience. In fact, I want my grubby little hands on a slice now. Have a Calda experience soon!

Calda Pizza opens from 9:00 AM-3:00 AM on Sundays to Thursdays & 9:00-6:00 AM on Fridays & Saturdays at the Vertex Building in Smallville beside Lanai Grill.


2 comments on “Calda Pizza: Cebuano Thin Crust in Iloilo

  1. Malz
    December 29, 2011

    Jill, thanks for this. Dugay2 ko na gusto ma blan ang prices and no time of going there. 🙂 Niiiice!

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