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Here & There: Compilation of Foodstuff

Food blogger mode has been turned of for a while as other dreams & aspirations took its place. But food is one of my loves so I always come back to it despite my heavy schedule.

Amidst my seemingly endless things to do for writing jobs, theater rehearsals & academic papers, I manage to squeeze in some time to try various food that I’d like to share with all of you. New discoveries that made my tongue, tummy & disposition a happy one. Enjoy! Sorry for some phone quality photos though, I obviously can’t lug around my camera all the time.

  • Milk Tea from Book Latte

I don’t know what the hype about milk tea is in Manila when chai or naicha has been around for a long time already. Packaging & branding aside, milk tea is a lovely & healthy treat that is both refreshing & delicious. Similar to sago drinks actually. Ilonggos can join in on the trend by visiting Book Latte (beside Robinson’s Place Iloilo, National Bookstore exit side) for cheap & fulfilling milk tea (Php80). I particularly like the strawberry flavoured one, but they have other flavours available too such as lemon or raspberry.

  • Limoncello Cake at Dulgies

There’s a reason why I don’t like Red Ribbon cakes and that’s because of the sum-od level. I don’t like anything too sweet — I enjoy things that have a pleasant contrasting taste paired with a lingering aftertaste. Which is why the Limoncello cake (Php68/slice) from Dulgies (in front of SM Delgado) is simply divine. Although the cake itself lacks fluff in my opinion, it gets a 10 for taste — a citrusy tang with a buttery flavour. And the glazed meringue on the exterior is a nice touch too.

  • Flibby’s Cupcakes from Bacolod City

I have two girlfriends in school named Micah & Innah & not only are we similarly small, but we love our food with gusto. Love is an understatement. Whenever we can, we feed each other in between (or during) classes with whatever new edibles we have found. Micah comes from Bacolod & when she mentioned she brought cupcakes for us, I was of course ecstatic. But seeing the pretty box was left with a carrot cupcake, I was like “WHY A CARROT CUPCAKE?!” And she told me to try it as I wouldn’t regret it — and I didn’t.

Flibby’s Carrot Cupcake (Php45/pc) is hands down, the best cupcake I have ever tasted. Better that Dulgies or Sonja’s I daresay! One bite will have your eyes popping out & asking yourself “Is this carrot cupcake foreals?!” along with profanities (like I did). Because with its super creamy icing & uber-fluffy cake, it is heaven in one small package. It will change your life! Aside from carrot cupackes, Red Velvet ones are their specialties along with chocolate or cinnamon cupcakes. Now I have an alternative pasalubong from Bacolod aside from napoleones!

  • Don Onofre’s Samosa

Tom, another friend, randomly showed up to my car today with his new product that his partner Jeff makes: beef samosas! I was actually quite surprised that guys bake Indian pastries for a hobby & profit. He sells a pack at Php50 for 6 pieces which I think is quite reasonable. The crust was so lovely! And I am very particular about my crust. One bite exposes a colorful mix of parsley, beef & peppers. The flavour was a tad too spicy for me but the awesome beefy aftertaste lingered — perfect with ice cold soda. I could imagine my dad & brothers chowing this down in seconds. UPV College of Management students are lucky because Tom & Jeff will be in school everyday to sell them. You can message Tom for your orders through his Facebook account link here. Or you can check out their Facebook page here.


9 comments on “Here & There: Compilation of Foodstuff

  1. tin cc-ong
    September 20, 2011

    Wow! Would love to try the samosas —

    I wonder if your friend has another pick-up point outside of UP —

    (I tried his FB page but I’m not able to send him a private message.)

    This was a great post, btw — ^_^

    • tom
      September 20, 2011

      Hi, tom here…

      Yep! We can do pick-up outside UP, just drop me a message on FB

      (changed the private message settings..sorry for the inconvenience earlier)

      PS, thanks again Jill 🙂

      • tin cc-ong
        September 22, 2011

        Hi, Tom!

        Thanks for replying! (Thanks, Jillian for relaying my interest!)

        I’ll message you through Facebook tonight and will probably schedule a meet-up for next week.

        Looking forward to trying your samosas! ^_^

      • jillianisyourfriend
        October 10, 2011

        Welcome Tommy! I ordered a set today. Love them.

    • jillianisyourfriend
      October 10, 2011

      Thank you! Hope you like his samosas!

  2. iren monkey
    September 20, 2011

    carrot cupcakes are my fave! must try those when i visit the Philippines again..

  3. fallberry
    September 20, 2011

    try to contact him on his cp 09324461871

  4. Onofre
    September 21, 2011

    http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002944893061 – sambosa
    contacts are there ^_^

    thx jill ^_^ gusto ko try yung idea mo

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