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21st Birthday Dinner at Amalfi

So what would be the best way to celebrate my birthday? It goes without saying that dining out is at the top of my list!

I was horrified to know that Promenade didn’t have any buffet on the day I was born. Like seriously?! This is utter blasphemy! So I decided to look for my next best option — a place with excellent food, nice lighting & someplace I don’t eat in usually. Fine dining in short. And at the end of the night, I was glad I didn’t go to Promenade. I made my way to Amalfi Cucina Italaiana with my family & understood the “happy” in “happy birthday.”

Amalfi is an elegant Italian restaurant that is fairly new in the dining scene but with a resume that boasts. It was featured in the “Best Restaurants List” by the Philippine Tatler & is known for offering fine Italian dining coupled with amazing staff hospitality. I certainly felt like the birthday girl upon stepping inside.

All the meals began with a bread plate with dipping sauce in vinaigrette with Parmesan. A lovely start. We ordered some zuppa (soup): Cream of Wild Mushroom (Php195). The consistency was wonderfully creamy & the panseared salmon in the middle was lush — buttery fish just melting in your mouth. We also got a serving of the Sicilian Lamb Stew (Php375) — flavourful cuts seasoned with spices that complemented the meat.


An Italian meal wouldn’t be complete without a serving of pasta. And because it is my birthday, I order some Pesto Genovese (Php185) because birthday or no birthday, pesto makes the world a better place. The noodles were perfectly cooked & the light flavour was amazing. For the brothers, I got them a plate of Salsiccia pizza (Php295)– sausages, tomatoes, cheese & herbs in a thin crust. A delight to the buds but not too heavy on the stomach. My tastebuds & stomach jumped for joy at the Osso Bucco (Php395) — veal shank with delicious sauce atop rissotto. Definitely the hightlight of my meal beside some other dishes with names so fancy I forgot.

Osso Bucco, Salsiccia & Pasta Genovese

I didn’t take pictures nor remember the other food but what I cannot forget is the Amalfi Signature Iced Tea (Php95) — a beverage stylishly packaged in individual bottles & was a refreshing way of washing down the rich carbohydrates I gobbled up.

I love the fact that the service was beyond excellent along with promptness. They even suspected that it was my birthday & so gave me free cheesecake (which was soo good by the way) & sung me a birthday song! Yay!

Consider Amalfi for special occasions in your life! Because with food & service this good, price isn’t an issue. It definitely marked my birthday & made it even more special.

Amalfi Cucina Italiana is located beside Mojave at The Avenue in Smallville Complex.


2 comments on “21st Birthday Dinner at Amalfi

  1. bummingaroundpilipinas
    August 31, 2011

    happy birthday you gorgeous you…… 🙂

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