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Daily Buns Cafe: An Upgrade

Remember Daily Buns? In case you haven’t been passing by the commercial highway that is Diversion Road, they opened a new branch near bike road/Trenas Boulevard in front of Marina Restaurant! Congratulations!

Albeit my past positive feedback on the place, I somehow see no huge difference in this branch from the old which, interestingly enough, is only a few streets away. The interiors are indeed larger & better than the old one — the same shades of brown, orange, peach and yellow greet you as you step inside.

So does the whiff of freshly baked bread that I love so much. I scan the menu & see that nothing much has changed except an addition of pizza, pasta & an assortment of breads & pastries. For my visit last time, I ordered the following:

I will forever love pesto and everything that it touches so it was a must to order tuna pesto pizza. To my dismay, it tasted like it came fresh from the freezer (even though it was heated) and the flakes on top didn’t help either. And the size was just — horrible. Too small for my massive appetite.

I then decided to wash it down with their famous milkshakes. I highly recommend the vanilla flavoured one. If you are the one who does not like their beverage to be too sweet, do not order this. It’s glucose to the extremes! But quite good if you want to sate a hunger (or thirst) for sweets.

I cannot stand resist trying any form of cheesecake and so I do. And sad to say, this was one of the (sorry) worst ones I’ve ever tried. Although this one was quite flavourful, a cheesecake’s texture is important. The cheese was too thick, the crust was crumbling and the consistency felt wrong on my tongue.

Interiors & location helped, but I see no significant upgrades in the Diversion Road branch of Daily Buns. Perhaps my comments & observations are harsh for a bakery-cafe on dry run, but always remember that first impressions last especially with consumers. Verdict: unpleasant but forgivable.


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This entry was posted on August 25, 2011 by in Food.
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