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A Delicious Alternative: Red Corner

Chinese cuisine is probably the next best thing to Filipino comfort food.

It’s savoury flavours & dishes that go well with the ultimate Pinoy staple is perfect for everybody’s tastebuds. And by everybody, I mean the majority of the Ilonggo population. People who want good food at economical prices & at an abundance. Red Corner at Plazuela de Iloilo offers just that.

If one can remember, Hong Kong Kitchen provides one of the best Chinese dishes such as their Beef Brisket (in crispy noodles oh gosh!) or their Lemon Chicken. And their dumplings are amazing as well! The downside however, is that dining at HKK isn’t exactly pocket-friednly. So they decided to heed the call of hungry (and frugal) Ilonggos, hence the establishment of Red Corner — a spin-off of Hong Kong Kitchen made more affordable!

I visit there today with Jeza & Innah & we find ourselves loving the turo-turo set-up of the restaurant. But the flat-screen TV’s & the nice interiors were anything but reminiscent of a sidewalk eatery. We were delighted to find out that the food selections were delicious although not too abundant as new sets of dishes are served everyday.

Diners (students especially) would be delighted to know that all dishes are priced below Php100. All meals start with dumplings such as siomai, siopao & chicken feet. For today, there were varieties of  beef (Beef Ampalaya), fish (Fish Fillet in Taosi), pork (Sweet & Sour Pork), shrimp (Szcechuan Shrimp), squid (Salt & Pepper Squid), chicken (Breaded Chicken) all for Php98. Stuffed Eggplants & Mixed Vegetables in Garlic are good side dishes that were not only delicious but were good for 1-2 persons at Php98 as well. I particularly loved the eggplant dish to bits! Bihon Guisado (Php45) & two kinds of rice (Yang Chow & plain) are priced at Php25 & Php45 respectively. Both come in big servings that could be deluged in the Soup for the Day (Php30). Desserts are also available — a variation of cassava cake, moon cake & brazos de mercedes.

From top left clockwise: chicken feet, mixed vegetable, cassava cake & stuffed eggplant

The servings were enough for three hungry girls & the price was just right for students like us. Nothing like a full meal to make us happy! Budget-conscious people will take pleasure in the reasonable pricing & extremely good food. Visit Red Corner beside Ponsyon in Plazuela de Iloilo as they are open from 11 AM to 10 PM.


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