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Authentic As It Gets: Seoulia Korean Restaurant

What the Iloilo food scene lacks sometimes in its foreign cuisine is authenticity. Although the rice staples or interiors make up for it, there’s nothing like meals that transport you to the place where they came from. Most people have been asking me which Korean restaurant is authentic & I usually answer with an “I have no idea,” since most of the restaurants I’ve gone to serve Korean ice cream, fusion dishes or is too expensive. But my friend Chelle suggested I try Seoulia — a Korean restaurant beside St. Clement’s church in Lapaz.

Again, I grab my super friends (or what’s left of them since everyone left for Manila) & they once again (ehem) entrust me & my food choices. At first we were very confused with the menu because it didn’t have any descriptions & suggestions. The waitresses weren’t helping either as they seemed pissed that we were asking so many questions since we were new to everything. The owners however — who we decided to call Cooking Mama & the other, unnamed — were more kind & hospitable (read: free juice & a 10% discount just because they felt like it).

The menu at Seoulia is basically shareable — dishes that are good for 2-4 persons & are priced within the range of Php120-490. Not bad actually if you decide to dine in a group. Aside from meal sets, the menu has staples of casseroles, stew, noodles, dumplings, kimchi rice, seafood, chicken & pork.

At the beginning of our meal, we were very happy with the appetizers that they served: kimchi, tangpyeongchae (mung bean noodles), steamed egg pudding, other vegetables & a tofu & spring onion dumpling that I particularly liked. I ordered Samsgyeopsal (Php220/serving, minimum of two servings) — pork belly that you grill on your own table. We then cut it up with kitchen scissors & had the option of  eating it with our cooked rice or rolled it up in Korean lettuce along with some vegetable to accompany it.

Aside from these, I ordered tukbokki (Php200) — a mixture of rice cakes, tofu & vegetables in a slightly spicy sauce of some sort. The rice cakes were delicious & I particularly liked their texture. Lastly, we ordered their cold noodles (Php220) — thin noodles (reminded me of miki) on crished ice with other Korean condiments. It tasted quite sweet & was very filling.

From top left clockwise: appetizers, pork, cold noodles, rice cakes

The place is packed with med students, church-goers, tutors & young girls like us at lunchtime just to try these home-cooked Korean meals. Seoulia is a little compact & the interiors aren’t exactly “restaurant-y” but the food is authentic, delicious & reasonably priced. A great place for dining out with a group of friends as not only company is shared but good cuisine too.

Visit Seoulia at Anne’s Building (above Cakeworks & Deocampo’s) beside St. Clement’s church, Lapaz.


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